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books on poker tells and body language

7 Best Books On Poker Tells And Body Language

Poker tells are one of my favorite parts of this complex game. Finding them can give you enormous satisfaction and some extra winnings. Before we talk about the best books that can improve your tells game, let’s answer a few questions to better understand this vital part of poker…

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Poker cards and chips

4 Best Poker Books For Online And Live Cash Games

Whether you are:
live or online cash player,
small stakes or high stakes,

reading the right book on poker cash games will improve your game! There is no question about that.

After two weeks of in-depth analysis, I have finally selected the best poker books for online and live cash games for you.

As always, the reviews are based on my honest judgment and opinions of other poker players. This way, I can be sure that the reviews are as little personal as possible. Although, any “favorite book” is an individual judgment…

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Poker Movie Quotes

Poker and Gambling Quotes from Movies

Poker movies have produced some of the best quotes widely used at poker tables and not only. Many poker quotes apply to other games and life. Some of them can give you extra motivation for improving your poker game, and some will make you laugh.
Numerous quotes are understood only by people from the poker world, and the more experienced player you are, the better your understanding of some of the quotes will be.
For example: “You can shear a sheep many times, but skin him only once.” – Mike McDermott …

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Poker books for beginners

9 Best Poker Books For Beginners – Based on Your Poker Knowledge

There are many types of poker beginners!
Some players know the poker rules, they have been playing poker for a while and call themselves beginners. This is fine, but on the other hand, there are people who never played poker before, don’t know the game basics, and also are called beginners. That is also ok, but these two groups of players shouldn’t read the same poker books…

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8 best Pot Limit Omaha books for beginners and advanced players

8 Best Pot Limit Omaha Books For Beginners and Advanced Players

Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) is the second most popular poker game after No-Limit Hold ’em. It’s a complex, demanding, and full-of-action game.
The PLO games are much softer than NLHE games. Many Players move from NLH to Omaha out of pure curiosity and the similarity between the two games. The players who move from NLH to PLO lack experience and basic knowledge. They make many beginner mistakes and often need to learn the basic strategy and even rules. If you want to avoid being one of those losing players, study the game before you sit at the Omaha table…

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What Are The Best Books On Poker To Learn GTO?

What Are The Best Books On Poker To Learn GTO?

GTO in poker is playing the best possible way in terms of: mathematics, balancing your bluffs and value hands, ranges, combos/blockers, opponents tendencies, indifference, protecting ranges, probabilities and any other poker strategy concept that is +EV in the long run. In theory, the GTO strategy can’t be beaten in the long run. There are only a few poker theory books focusing on GTO…

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hands of poker

Hands of Poker: Understanding Poker Hands and Their Rankings

High Card: The Lowest-Ranking Hand Pair: Two Cards of the Same Rank Two Pairs: Two Sets of Pairs Three of a Kind: Three Cards of the Same Rank Straight: Five sequential cards Flush: Five Cards of the Same Suit Full house: Three of a kind and a pair Four of a kind: Four cards of the same rank Straight flush: Five sequential cards of the same suit Royal flush: The highest-ranking hand in poker Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics or a seasoned player who, after a massive bad beat, forgot the hand rankings, understanding the hierarchy of

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11 Best Poker Books For Tournaments (MTT, Sit And Go, Sattelite and Bounty and Knockout)

The Ultimate Poker Books For Tournaments

Poker tournaments are amazing because of the rivalry, strategy, and adrenaline. There is no better place to check your poker skills against famous poker players, and there is no greatest thrill than winning a Multi-Table Tournament.
I have selected for you the best tournament poker books for MTT, Sit And Go, Satellite, and Bounty and Knockout games…

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Poker quizes

Poker Quizes

Test your poker knowledge with our awesome quizzes. Will you get at least one answer right?

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Famous Players Poker Quotes

326 Most Famous Poker Quotes of All Time

The best poker quotes of Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar, Phil Hellmuth, Benny Binion, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, and other famous players. Choose your favorite poker player and get inspired by his poker quotes …

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7 Best Books About Poker Math, Odds and Probabilities

7 Best Books About Poker Math, Odds and Probabilities

There are two kinds of poker players in the world: Those who know poker math and those who don’t. Which one are You?
Poker is an entertaining game, especially when you win! However, it’s also a numbers game. Whether you play low-stakes or high-stakes, cash games or MTTs, online or in a casino, knowing the poker math, odds and probabilities will give you the necessary edge over your opponents. I have selected the seven best poker math books…

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Poker Books by author

Poker Books By Authors

Search for poker books by your favorite poker author. Over 130 poker writers including Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, Dan Harrington, Mason Malmuth, Amarillo Slim Preston, T.J. Cloutier, Barry Greenstein, Jonathan Little, Tom McEvoy, Lou Krieger, Ed Miller, David Sklansky, Anthony Holden, John Moss, Johnny Chan….

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