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7 Best Books On Poker Tells And Body Language

Poker tells are one of my favorite parts of this complex game. Finding them can give you enormous satisfaction and some extra winnings. Before we talk about the best books that can improve your tells game, let’s answer a few questions to better understand this vital part of poker...

What Are The Best Books On Poker To Learn GTO?

GTO in poker is playing the best possible way in terms of: mathematics, balancing your bluffs and value hands, ranges, combos/blockers, opponents tendencies, indifference, protecting ranges, probabilities and any other poker strategy concept that is +EV in the long run. In theory, the GTO strategy ...

Poker Books By Authors

Search for poker books by your favorite poker author. Over 130 poker writers including Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, Dan Harrington, Mason Malmuth, Amarillo Slim Preston, T.J. Cloutier, Barry Greenstein, Jonathan Little, Tom McEvoy, Lou Krieger, Ed Miller, David Sklansky, Anthony ...

4 Best Poker Books For Online And Live Cash Games

Whether you are: live or online cash player, small stakes or high stakes, reading the right book on poker cash games will improve your game! There is no question about that. After two weeks of in-depth analysis, I have finally selected the best poker books for online and live cash games ...

7 Best Books About Poker Math, Odds and Probabilities

There are two kinds of poker players in the world: Those who know poker math and those who don't. Which one are You? Poker is an entertaining game, especially when you win! However, it's also a numbers game. Whether you play low-stakes or high-stakes, cash games or MTTs, online or in a casino, ...

Are poker books helpful? What are the alternatives?

In 1978 Doyle Brunson published one of the first significant poker books, the Super System. Nearly 45 years later, there are 622 poker books on the market. There must be a good reason why so many authors decided to write them.

Poker and Gambling Quotes from Movies

Poker movies have produced some of the best quotes widely used at poker tables and not only. Many poker quotes apply to other games and life. Some of them can give you extra motivation for improving your poker game, and some will make you laugh. Numerous quotes are understood only by people from ...

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