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Alan N. Schoonmaker Poker Books

Alan Schoonmaker is a psychologist and a poker enthusiast. He has written six outstanding poker books. Alans’ books are well respected in the poker community and are filled with precious advice for amateur players.

  1. How to Beat Small Poker Games – 2015
  2. Poker Winners Are Different – 2009
  3. The Psychology of Poker – 2000
  4. Your Best Poker Friend: Increase Your Mental Edge and Maximize Your Profits – 2007
  5. Your Worst Poker Enemy – 2007
  6. Stay Young Play Poker –  2015


Alan Schoonmaker Quotes

“I play only in smaller games because maximizing my profits is much less important to me than relaxing and learning about people. I became a psychologist because I enjoy people-watching, and a cardroom is a wonderful place to do it.”

“Most poker writers focus on how the champions think and play, but hardly anything has been written about ordinary players. I want to help them to understand themselves and the people in their games.”

“As the stakes get higher, the players become more serious and homogeneous. Most of them study the same books, know the same odds, and try to use similar strategies. In the smaller games there are more rocks, more maniacs, more calling stations, more nerds, more “Deluded Experts,” and more oddballs, which means I learn more and get better material for my writing.”

“Players in small games are much more interesting than the more serious players. They are more varied, open, and relaxed. They laugh more, tell better stories, and never forget that the purpose of playing any game is to have fun.”

Amarillo Slim Preston Poker Books

  1. Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People: The Memoirs of the Greatest Gambler Who Ever Lived 2003
  2. Amarillo Slim’s Play Poker to Win: Million Dollar Strategies from the Legendary World Series of Poker Winner 1973
  3. All in: An E-guide to No-Limit Texas Hold ’em

Amarillo Slim authored or co-authored three books on poker. 

His first was titled “Play Poker to Win” (later re-titled “Amarillo Slim’s Play Poker to Win) and written with the help of Bill G Cox. 

“Play Poker to Win” is mostly anecdotes about Slim’s life as a gambler, mixed with some general poker advice, but you can still gain the odd keen insight from it here and there. 

He also wrote his autobiography, “Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People” and an e-book called “All in: An E-guide to No-Limit Texas Hold ’em”.

Who was Thomas Austin Preston Jr.?

Amarillo Slim (born Thomas Austin Preston Jr.) was, like poker legend Doyle Brunson, a road gambler originally from Arkansas, although he moved to Texas later. 

He traveled from town to town, looking for action, keeping an ever-watchful eye out for bandits or the law. 

In 1970 he was a contestant in the first World Series of Poker, along with other greats like Johnny Moss, Doyle Brunson, and Puggy Pearson.

A lively character, with four world series bracelets, Slim was as feared at the cash game tables as he was in tournaments. 

He was also famous for his love of prop betting (betting on unusual situations).

One dark point in Slim’s career came with accusations of child molestation. 

While Slim had much earlier in his life plead guilty to charges of vagrancy and illegal gambling, it was in the twilight of his years that he faced the much more severe charges of three counts of indecency of a child by sexual contact, a second-degree felony. 

The victim in question was a young relative of his. He ultimately plead “nolo contendere” or “no contest” to three misdemeanor charges of assault causing bodily injury, getting probation, and a fine. 

Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People

Andrew Brokos Poker Books

  1. Play Optimal Poker 2: Range Construction 2020
  2. Play Optimal Poker: Practical Game Theory for Every Poker Player 2019
  3. The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume Eight: Stories and Strategic Insights From Poker’s Premier Event 2016
  4. The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume Five: Stories and Strategic Insights From Poker’s Premier Event 2015
  5. The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume Four: Stories and Strategic Insights From Poker’s Premier Event 2015
  6. The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume One: Stories and Strategic Insights From Poker’s Premier Event 2014
  7. The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume Seven: Stories and Strategic Insights From Poker’s Premier Event 2015
  8. The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume Six: Stories and Strategic Insights From Poker’s Premier Event 2015
  9. The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume Three: Stories and Strategic Insights From Poker’s Premier Event 2015
  10. The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume Two: Stories and Strategic Insights From Poker’s Premier Event 2014


Andrew Brokos, born in 1982, is a professional poker player, coach, and author. 

He authored “Play Optimal Poker: Practical Game Theory for Every Poker Player” in 2019. 

This book explains how to apply theoretical game theory concepts to everyday poker play thoroughly and helpfully. 

Brokos shows how to integrate complex and difficult-to-understand ideas into your game by carefully building upon core concepts. 

Some of the core concepts covered in this book are:

  • how to accurately construct both polarized and merged ranges to put your opponent on a hand, 
  • how to use concepts like indifference to make sure that your opponent cannot exploit you, 
  • and how to hold your own against strong opponents. 

Play Optimal Poker is simply an absolute must-have for any serious poker player.

Andrew has several notable big online tournament wins, including winning the Full Tilt Online Poker Series XVI No-Limit Hold ’em Event 25 for $450,000 and a third-place finish in a $500 + $30 WCOOP event for $117,984. 

While he hasn’t had the breakthrough success in the live arena like he has had online, Brokos has been playing in the WSOP since 2006 and has 16 cashes to his name, including a 35th place finish in the 2008 WSOP main. 

Ashton Cartwright Poker Books

  1. The Habits of Winning Poker Player 2015

Avery Cardoza Poker Books

  1. Crash Course in Beating Texas Hold’em 2011
  2. Crash Course In Winning Hold’em 2006
  3. How to Play Winning Poker 1993
  4. The Basics of Winning Poker 2005

Barry Greenstein Poker Books

  1. Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide


Barry Greenstein wrote one book – Ace on the River

Ace on the River is an interesting look into the life and times of a high-rolling poker pro. 

While a little light on poker strategy, Ace on the River is an excellent biography and an interesting glimpse into the life of one of poker’s more notable figures.

Barry Green stein is a renowned poker celebrity, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. 

Born December 30th, 1954, in Chicago, Illinois, he studied computer science at the Unversity of Illinois before embarking on a career as a poker player. 

His tournament career has been illustrious, bagging two WPT titles as well as three WSOP bracelets. Barry is also well known as a regular in ultra-high-stakes poker games.


Greenstein was also instrumental in the rise of the poker phenom Phil Ivey. 

While Phil Ivey had ground his way from nothing to playing 100-200 stud at the commerce, Barry Greenstein was impressed with his play and staked him to play $4000 / $8000 in Flynt’s private game. 

Despite some initial negative variance, Phil Ivey went on to crush that game and became wildly recognized as the greatest poker player in the world.


Perhaps the most impressive thing about Barry Greenstein has been his philanthropic career

In a sense, poker is the ultimate in bourgeois decadence. 

Poker players routinely throw around staggering sums of money. Money that to many people throughout the world would be life-changing. At the same time, Barry tried to bridge that gap with his charitable donations. 

In 2003, he gave $440,000 to Children Incorporated after winning a stud tournament.

Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide by Barry Greenstein — Honest Review

Buzz B. Berkeley Poker Books

  1. Three Card Poker for Funds and ProfitsThree Card Poker for Funds and Profits 2012

Chris Moneymaker Poker Books

  1. Moneymaker: How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker 2005
  2. Bet Big to Win Big.

Moneymaker wrote two books. 

The first book is an autobiography titled “Moneymaker: How an Amateur Poker Player Turned $40 into $2.5 Million at the World Series of Poker” (2005).

This book tells the incredible story of how a recreational player and borderline problem gambler managed to win the most coveted title in modern poker, a world series main event bracelet. 

His second book was an ill-advised children’s novel titled “Bet Big to Win Big.” 

While the aim was to teach children basic mathematics fundamentals and the importance of a winning life philosophy, many have questioned the merits of teaching children about gambling.

How Can You Get A Poker Audiobook For Free?

What’s his story?

The Chris Moneymaker story is almost too good to be true. 

Chris was an accountant, drowning in debt, who entered an $86 satellite tournament to win a seat in the world series of poker main event, a $10,000 buy-in tournament. 

Despite a questionable skill level, Moneymaker ran pure for the entire tournament and made some key moves at exactly the right time to secure the win. 

Chris Moneymaker’s memorable world series main event win, along with the invention of the hole card camera and the advent of online poker, all cumulated in a massive poker boom starting in the mid-2000s. 

Today you can catch Chris Moneymaker streaming live on Twitch.

Dan Harrington Poker Books

  1. Harrington on Cash Games: How to Win at No-Limit Hold ’em Money Games, Volume I 2008
  2. Harrington on Cash Games: How to Win at No-Limit Hold ’em Money Games, Volume II 2008
  3. Harrington on Hold ’em: Expert Strategies for No-Limit Tournaments, Volume III: The Workbook 2006
  4. Harrington on Hold ’em: Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments, Volume I: Strategic Play 2004
  5. Harrington on Hold ’em: Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments, Volume II: The Endgame 2005
  6. Harrington on Modern Tournament Poker 2014
  7. Harrington on Online Cash Games: 6-Max No-Limit Hold ’em 2010


Harrington published several poker books, like Harrington on Hold ’em, volumes 1, 2, and 3. 

The Harrington on Hold ’em series carefully breaks down the calculations behind making the right play at the poker table. Unlike most poker books, which cover only the superficial elements of poker strategy, Harrington on Hold ’em goes into exquisite detail on the finer points of tournament play. 

In addition to exploring essential poker concepts, he also helps the reader apply the ideas to their game through practical exercises so that you can learn by doing as well as by reading.

Dan Harrington was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on December 6, 1945. 

U.S. chess master and expert backgammon player, he worked as a lawyer before becoming a professional poker player. His most notable victory was in 1995, when he won the World Series of Poker main event title for $1,000,000. He also scored big in 2005 with a second-place finish in a World Poker Tour event, where he got $620,730. 

All in all, his career tournament winnings exceed six million dollars. Ironically named “Action Dan,” Harrington is known for his rigorous preflop hand selection and tight play.

Daniel Negreanu Poker Books

  1. Daniel Negreanu’s Power Hold’em Strategy 2007
  2. Hold’em Wisdom for all Players: Simple and Easy Strategies to Win Money 2007
  3. More Hold’em Wisdom for all Players 2008

Daniel Negreanu has authored three books. 

His first, Hold ’em Wisdom for All Players, was published in 2007 and provides an excellent winning blueprint for both novice and experienced Hold ’em players. 

His second, Power Hold ’em Strategy, is also an excellent work on poker strategy, going into great detail on handling all common poker situations and implementing “small ball poker.”

His final work, More Hold ’em Wisdom For All Players, was also very well received, garnering both popular and critical acclaim.

Who is Daniel Negreanu?

Daniel Negreanu is a Canadian poker professional and tournament master who has won six world series of poker bracelets and two WPT titles. 

Despite recently losing his PokerStars sponsorship and signing with GG Poker, Daniel remains one of the most recognizable names in poker and has won a staggering $42,000,000 in tournament winnings. 

He made WSOP player of the year in 2004 and 2013

Daniel was also mistakenly awarded the title in 2019 based on an in-the-money finish for event #68, a $1,000 WSOP online tournament that he did not actually earn. 

When his tally was corrected to reflect this inaccuracy, he ended up in third place, losing out to Robert Campbell.

Daniel Negreanu Poker Masterclass review 2023

David Apostolico Poker Books

  1. Lessons from the Felt: Advanced Strategies and Tactics for No-Limit Hold’em TournamentsLessons from the Felt: Advanced Strategies and Tactics for No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments 2006
  2. Machiavellian Poker Strategy: How to Play Like a Prince and Rule the Poker Table 2005
  3. Tournament Poker And The Art Of War 2005

David Macklin Poker Books

  1. Mastering Mixed Games: Winning Strategies for Draw, Stud and Flop Games 2019

David Sklansky Poker Books

  1. Ducy? Exploits, Advice, and Ideas of the Renowned Strategist 2010
  2. Fighting Fuzzy Thinking in Poker, Gaming and Life 1997
  3. Gambling for a Living 1997
  4. Getting the Best of It 1997
  5. Hold’em Poker 1976
  6. No Limit Hold ’em: Theory and Practice 2006
  7. Sklansky on Poker 1993
  8. Sklansky On Razz 1989
  9. The Theory of Poker 1983
  10. The Theory of Poker Applied to No-Limit 2019
  11. Tournament Poker for Advanced Players 2002
  12. Winning Poker 1983
  13. Geeking, Grifting, and Gambling Through Las Vegas: Fifty Years of Exploits, Ideas, and Tell All Stories, From The Noted Poker Author 2019
  14. David Sklansky, John Feeney – Inside the Poker Mind: Essays on Hold ’em and General Poker Concepts 2000
  15. David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth – How to Make $100,000 a Year Gambling for a Living 1997
  16. David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth, Ray Zee – Seven-Card Stud for Advanced Players 1989
  17. David Sklansky, Roy Cooke, John Bond – Real Poker: The Cooke Collection 2011
  18. David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth – Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players 1987
  19. David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth – Poker, Gaming, and Life 1996
  20. David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth – Cardrooms: Everything Bad and How to Make Them Better: An Analysis of Those Areas Where Poker Rooms Need Improvement 2021
  21. David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth – Poker and More: Unique Ideas and Concepts: Strategy. Game Theory. and Psychology from Two Renowned Gambling Experts 2017
  22. David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth, Ed Miller – Small Stakes Hold ’em: Winning Big with Expert Play 2004


David Sklansky has won three WSOP bracelets and is an accomplished poker author, having written or co-authored 22 books on poker, including his seminal work “Theory of Poker.”

Theory of Poker is one of the most important poker books ever written. It is one of those books that blows your mind every time you read it. There are very few other poker books that are in its class. 

Theory of Poker explains the game of poker at a fundamental level, with hand examples demonstrating the ideas contained within. An extremely technical work!

It is aimed at poker experts and intermediate players, but it is so well written that even an intelligent beginner could probably benefit substantially from it. 

While many of the examples occur within the context of somewhat obscure poker variants, they nonetheless are applicable across the board.

Aside from Theory of Poker, all the other books that Sklansky has written or co-authored have been pretty good, too, as he maintains a high standard of quality with every project he is involved with. 

So if you are ever wondering what books you should be reading to become a better poker player, anything he is involved with is a good start.

David was born on December 22, 1947, in Teaneck, New Jersey. He dropped out of the University of Pennsylvania and pursued work with an actuarial firm before becoming a professional gambler. 

Doug J. Swanson Poker Books

  1. Blood Aces: The Wild Ride of Benny Binion, the Texas Gangster Who Created Vegas Poker – 2014. You can find a full review of the book here.

Doyle Brunson Poker Books

  1. Super/System A Course in Power Poker 1979
  2. According to Doyle 1984
  3. Autobiography of Doyle Brunson 2010
  4. Doyle Brunson’s Super System 1984
  5. Doyle Brunson’s Super System 2: A Course in Power Poker 2005
  6. How I Made Over $1,000,000 Playing Poker 1978
  7. My 50 Most Memorable Hands 2007
  8. My 50 Worst Hands 2010
  9. Online Poker: Your Guide to Playing Online Poker Safely & Winning Money 2005
  10. Poker Wisdom of a Champion 2003
  11. Super System Deluxe 2012
  12. The Godfather of Poker: The Doyle Brunson Story 2008
  13. Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth,Johnny ChanySuperstar Poker Strategy: The World’s Greatest Players Reveal Their Winning Secrets 2017


Doyle Brunson authored and co-authored 14 books.

He self-published “Super System” in 1978, a landmark work in the history of poker theory. Several of the core concepts in his book, like: “not going broke in an unraised pot” or his advice to fast play big hands like a set, are still extremely valid today. 

Many top players collaborated in the writing of Super System, and it ended up being very beneficial to the game of poker because it attracted the fresh blood to the game that was so desperately needed. 

Another great work by Doyle was his “Poker Wisdom of a Champion .”

Aside from the many interesting anecdotes about his life contained within, there is also tons of genuine insight into the mind of a winning poker player.  

Doyle Brunson, known affectionately as “Texas Dolly,” was born on August 10, 1933. 

A two-time world series winner and cash game specialist extraordinaire, Brunson won no less than ten WSOP bracelets in his career and is among the most respected poker players of all time. 

Originally from Longworth, Texas, Doyle was an aspiring basketball professional before a knee injury took him out of contention and led him to pursue a career as a professional poker player. 

A road gambler, Doyle traveled all over Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, playing in illegal games along with his partners Amarillo Slim and Sailor Roberts.

Dutch Boyd

  1. Poker Tilt 2014

Ed Miller Poker Books

  1. Getting Started in Hold ’em 2005
  2. How to Read Hands at No-Limit Hold’em 2011
  3. Playing the Player 2012
  4. Playing The Player: Moving Beyond ABC Poker To Dominate Your Opponents 2012
  5. Poker’s 1%: The One Big Secret That Keeps Elite Players On Top 2014
  6. Small Stakes Hold ’em: Winning Big with Expert Play 2004
  7. Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em 2010
  8. STOP! 10 Things Good Poker Players Don’t Do 2015
  9. The Course: Serious Hold ‘Em Strategy For Smart Players 2015


Ed Miller – a very accomplished poker author.

Ed Miller was born in 1979 in New Orleans and graduated from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology before working at Microsoft as a software engineer. 

In 2002 Ed Miller moved to Las Vegas to pursue a career as a professional poker player. 

In addition to being a great poker player, Ed Miller is also a very accomplished poker author. 

His first book was Small Stakes Hold ’em (SSHE), which he wrote with the help of David Sklansky, was a very important book in its time. 

Limit poker was a lot more popular back then, and SSHE helped many aspiring professional players navigate the murky waters of loose live limit hold’em games.

Another famous book that Ed Miller wrote in 2006 was “No-Limit Hold ’em: Theory and Practice.” 

This was also a very well-received book. By then, NLHE had already begun to dominate the poker landscape, much as it has continued to do so up until today, and the poker public was only too eager to devour any strategic treatise produced by a reputable source. 

Theory and Practicelays out the complete strategic underpinnings of the modern game of no limit, covering all of the core fundamental theories and ideas behind winning no-limit play. 

A highly technical work aimed at the more intermediate to advanced crowd, Theory and Practice achieved its goal of being a complete guide to knowing how to crush any no-limit hold’em game.

Edwin Silberstang Poker Books

  1. The Winner’s Guide to Casino Poker 2000
  2. Winning Poker For The Serious Player 1992

Greg “FossilMan” Raymer Poker Books


FossilMan’s Winning Tournament Strategies – Review

Gunther Gerhardt  Poker Books

  1. Poker Tells & How to Bluff 2017

James Sweeney Poker Books

  1. Dynamic Full Ring Poker: A Practical Guide to Crushing $1/2 No-limit Holdem 2011
  2. Dynamic Full Ring Poker: Beyond The Basics 2011
  3. Poker Workbook: 6max Online Cash Games Vol 1 2016
  4. Poker Workbook: Hand Reading For Live Players Vol 1 2016
  5. Tournament Final Tables: Poker Workbook Vol 1 2017

James “SplitSuit” Sweeney is a poker player and author from Chicago, Illinois. He is the publisher of the poker website splitsuit and founded Red Chip Poker. The training site focused on teaching players how to beat live poker. 

Sweeney has published hundreds of poker training videos and coached countless players on how to win at poker. He has also written a number of books, including:

  • “Dynamic Full Ring Poker”
  • and “Optimizing Ace-King.” 

Dynamic Full Ring Poker was written in 2010, before the heyday of solvers and GTO mania. It focused on core poker skills, like:

  • hand reading, 
  • running monster bluffs in good spots, 
  • how to exploit various player types, and when to employ aggression to win pots. 

In Dynamic Full Ring, Sweeney takes a step-by-step approach, taking you painstakingly through proper preflop play and understanding the power of position into developing a calling and reraising range. 

From there, he covers:

  • core post-flop fundamentals, 
  • complex topics like polarisation, 
  • bet sizing vs. inelastic ranges, 
  • and a lot more. 

This book has a lot of depth and was visionary for its time.

John Fox Poker Books

  1. How To Hustle Home Poker 1981
  2. Play Poker, Quit Work And Sleep Till Noon 1977

John Moss Poker Books

  1. How to Win at Poker 1955

Jonathan Duhamel Poker Books

  1. Final Table 2012

John Scarne Poker Books

  1. Scarne’s Guide to Modern Poker 1979
  2. Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling 1968

Jonathan Little Poker Books

Secrets of Professional Tournament Vol. 3 – Book Review

  1. Bluffs: How to Intelligently Apply Aggression to Increase Your Profits from Poker 2016
  2. Cashing the WSOP Main Event: In-Depth Analysis of 54 Poker Hands from My WSOP Main Event 2014
  3. 10 Flop Decisions from Insta Poker Coach 2016
  4. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 01 2013
  5. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 02 2013
  6. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 03 2013
  7. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 04 2013
  8. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 05 2013
  9. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 06 2013
  10. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 07 2013
  11. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 08 2013
  12. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 09 2013
  13. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 10 2013
  14. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 11 2013
  15. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 12 2013
  16. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 13 2013
  17. Crushing Small Stakes Poker Tournaments Volume 14 2013
  18. Jonathan Little on Live No-Limit Cash Games, Volume 2: The Practice 2015
  19. Jonathan Little on Live No-Limit Cash Games: Volume 1: The Theory 2014
  20. Jonathan Little’s Excelling at No-Limit Hold’em: Leading poker experts discuss how to study, play and master NLHE 2015
  21. Mastering Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em: Strategies to consistently beat small stakes poker tournaments and cash games 2017
  22. Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 1 2011
  23. Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 2: Stages of the Tournament 2011
  24. Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, Volume 3: The Complete Workout 2013
  25. Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Cash Games 2015
  26. Strategies for Beating Small Stakes Poker Tournaments 2015
  27. The Main Event with Jonathan Little: In-Depth Analysis of 54 Poker Hands from My Wsop Main Event 2013
  28. The Poker Workbook: Volume 1: 15 Interactive Hand Quizzes From 2018
  29. Peak Poker Performance: How to Bring Your ‘A’ Game to Every Session 2016
  30. Positive Poker: A Modern Psychological Approach to Mastering Your Mental Game 2013


Jonathan Little wrote over 30 books on poker. He is a prolific author of books, as well as online content. 

His “Strategies For Beating Online Tournaments” takes a detail-oriented approach to outlining optimal online tournament play. The book focuses heavily on adapting to different playing styles and implementing an exploitative game plan. 

Little’s work is an indispensable guide for anyone who plays low-stakes tournaments online. 

Another essential book by little was his “Positive Poker: A Modern Psychological Approach to Mastering Your Mental Game” (2013). 

The mental game has become an increasingly important part of modern poker, and Little’s contributions in this area of poker development should not be overlooked. 

Technical skills can only carry you so far; having a solid mental game can make a big difference in your success as a poker player.

Jonathon Little was born Dec 22, 1984 in Penascola Florida. He has won two WPT titles and is a prolific YouTuber and online content creator specializing in poker strategy. 

He is the editor of and routinely competes in online poker tournaments on various sites. 

In 2020 he was controversially banned from one of the largest US-facing poker sites, America’s Cardroom, by Phil Nagy, the CEO of the Winning Poker Network. Nagy banned Little for his repeated criticisms of ACR and the WPN network. 

How Can You Get A Poker Audiobook For Free?

 Judi James Poker Books

  1. Poker Face: Master Body Language to Read and Beat Your Opponents 2007

 Ken Lo Poker Books

  1. A Poker Player’s Guide to MIXED GAMES: Core Strategies for HORSE, Eight-Game, Ten-Game and Twelve-Game Mixes 2014

 Ken Warren Poker Books

  1. Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold’em 2003
  2. Ken Warren Teaches Texas Hold’em, Volume 2 2008
  3. The Big Book of Poker 2004
  4. The Winner’s Guide to Omaha Poker 2003
  5. Winner’s Guide To Texas Hold’em Poker 1995

Kevin Bailey Poker Books

  1. Poker: Best Practices to Learn and Execute in the Game of Poker 2017
  2. Poker: Simple and Effective Strategies to Execute in the Game of Poker 2017
  3. Poker: The Ultimate Guide for getting from Beginner to Expert 2017

 Lance Bradley Poker Books

  1. The Pursuit of Poker Success: Learn from 50 of the World’s Best Poker Players 2018

 Leszek Badurowicz Poker Books

  1. Mental Edge 2016

 Linda Johnson Poker Books

  1. CHAMPIONSHIP 7-STUD: High, 8-or-Better and Razz 2010

 Lou Krieger Poker Books

  1. 52 Great Poker Tips: At Home, Tournament and Online 2007
  2. Hold’em Excellence: From Beginner to Winner 1995
  3. Internet Poker: How To Play And Beat Online Poker Games 2003
  4. More Hold’em Excellence: A Winner for Life 1997
  5. The Poker Player’s Bible 2004
  6. The Rules of Poker: Essentials for Every Game 2006


Lou Krieger was an accomplished poker player and author. He wrote six great books on how to play poker. Lou also authored a column in CardPlayer magazine, writing hundreds of articles on poker strategy

Born in Brooklyn, New York, he developed an early love for poker after watching his father play a weekly game on their kitchen table.  

Lou’s “Hold ’em Excellence, From Beginner to Winner” is a complete course on playing Texas Hold ’em. The book covers everything you need to know about the game of limit poker, from how to bluff, which starting hands to play, and how to handle situations that commonly occur in a poker game.

An essential read for any serious poker player, Hold ’em Excellence delves into:

  • detail on positional play, 
  • reading the board, 
  • and everything else you need to know to hold your own in mid-stakes limit games.

 Lynne Taetzsch Poker Books

  1. Winning Methods of Bluffing Betting in Poker 2002

 Mark Tenner Poker Books

  1. Mastering Omaha/8 Poker 2011
  2. Winning Omaha/8 Poker 2003

 Maria Konnikova Poker Books

  1. The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win 2020

The Biggest Bluff How I Learned to Pay Attention Master Myself and Win by Maria Konnikova – Book Review


Before getting involved in poker, she wrote:

  • “Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes” 
  • “The Confidence Game,” a book about grifters. 

In 2016, she was coached by no less than poker legend Erik Seidel, and in 2018 she won the PCA National Event for $84,600 and a “Platinum Pass” worth another $30,000.

In 2020, she published “The Biggest Bluff,” which received significant critical acclaim, being positively reviewed in The Washington Post, the New York Times, and Nature. 

The Biggest Bluff is the story of her journey through the poker world, from an absolute novice to a tournament champion. The Biggest Bluff isn’t simply a book about poker; it is a book bout a journey of discovery and self-exploration. It is a meaningful work about the concept of learning itself and how to go about mastering a new skill. 

This work has tremendous value for any poker player or student of human behavior.

Maria Konnikova was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1984, but her family moved to America at an early age. 

After graduating from Harvard University, she pursued her doctorate at Columbia in 2013.

 Mason Malmuth Poker Books

  1. The Professional Poker Dealer’s Handbook Dan Paymar, Mason Malmuth 1998
  2. The Professional Poker Dealer’s Handbook: Expanded Edition Dan Paymar, Mason Malmuth 2009
  3. Gambling for a Living Dan Paymar, Mason Malmuth 1997
  4. How to Make $100,000 a Year Gambling for a Living David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth 1997
  5. Seven-Card Stud for Advanced Players David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth, Ray Zee 1989
  6. Hold’Em Poker for Advanced Players “David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth 1987
  7. Poker, Gaming, and Life “David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth 1996
  8. Cardrooms: Everything Bad and How to Make Them Better: An Analysis of Those Areas Where Poker Rooms Need Improvement “David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth 2021
  9. Poker and More: Unique Ideas and Concepts: Strategy. Game Theory. and Psychology from Two Renowned Gambling Experts “David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth 2017
  10. Small Stakes Hold ’em: Winning Big with Expert Play David Sklansky,Mason Malmuth, Ed Miller 2004
  11. Fundamentals Of Poker Mason Malmuth 1992
  12. Fundamentals of Video Poker Mason Malmuth 1995
  13. Gambling Theory and Other Topics Mason Malmuth 1999
  14. Poker Essays Mason Malmuth 1996
  15. Poker Essays, Volume II Mason Malmuth 1996
  16. Poker Essays, Volume III Mason Malmuth 2001
  17. Real Poker Psychology Mason Malmuth 2015
  18. Winning Concepts in Draw and Lowball Mason Malmuth 1993
  19. A History of the World from a Gambler’s Perspective Mason Malmuth, Antonio Carrasco 2020

Mason Malmuth was born in 1951 in Coral Gables, Florida. He studied mathematics at Virginia Tech and is an accomplished poker author, having written or co-authored dozens of books and hundreds of articles. 

In addition to owning his own publishing company, Two Plus Two Publishing, he founded, a popular poker discussion forum sold in 2021 for seven figures. 

What is particularly impressive is the length and depth of Malmuth’s writing career, spanning three decades and covering every manner of professional gambling one can imagine

His “Gambling for a Living” was a seminal work for any aspiring professional gambler, covering all the various games a professional gambler can and cannot beat. It describes the fundamentals of beating poker, blackjack, sports betting, and horse racing and provides a solid game plan to master any particular area of the gambling world.

“Hold ’em Poker for Advanced Players” was another significant work for its time. Unfortunately, most mid-stakes poker games these days are no limit, so the strategies and tactics employed are significantly different from fixed-limit betting. But for its time, this was significant work, and even today, a no-limit player can learn something from it.

 Matt Matros Poker Books

  1. The Game Plan: The Making of a Poker Player: How an Ivy League Math Geek Learned to Play Championship Poker 2005
  2. How Casual Players Become Threats in No Limit Hold ’Em Tournaments 2019

 Matthew Brady Poker Books

  1. RollerCoaster Tycoon: Prima’s Official Strategy Guide 2001

 Matthew Hilger Poker Books

  1. Internet Texas Holdem New Expanded Edition: Winning Strategies for Full-Ring and Short-Handed Games 2009
  2. Internet Texas Hold’em: Winning Strategies from an Internet Pro 2003
  3. Texas Hold’em Odds and Probabilities 2006
  4. Texas Hold’em Odds and Probabilities: Limit, No-Limit, and Tournament Strategies 2009

 Matthew Janda Poker Books

  1. Applications of No-Limit Hold ’em: A Guide to Understanding Theoretically Sound Poker 2013
  2. No-Limit Hold ’em For Advanced Players: Emphasis on Tough Games 2017


Matthew first became interested in poker after studying game theory at UCLA. He is the author of two works:

He was also a coach at

“Applications of No-Limit Hold ’em” was a great look into poker at a competitive level. Online poker elevated NLHE to new heights, and at the top levels, players used: game theory, statistical analysis, and complex mathematical models to devise more competitive strategies. 

Applications was one of the first books to bring the concept of Game Theory Optimal (GTO) play to the masses. While simply playing tight and value betting strong hands might be enough to beat soft games, at the top level of competitive play, it is crucial to be perfectly balanced, bluffing, and bluff catching in just the right spots at just the right frequencies. 

One note, this is certainly not a book for beginning players. It is aimed at the intermediate to expert level, so don’t expect any hand-holding. You will need a decent familiarity with no limit hold’em and no limit hold’em strategy to get the most out of it.


Max Stern Poker Books

  1. Championship Stud: 7-Card Stud, Stud/8, Razz 1998

 Michael Craig Poker Books

  1. The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King: Inside the Richest Poker Game of All Time 2005
  2. The Full Tilt Poker Strategy Guide: Tournament Edition 2007

 Michael Pignataro Poker Books

  1. The Average Joe’s Guide to Play No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em 2012

 Mike Cappelletti Poker Books

  1. How to Win at Omaha High-Low Poker 2003

 Mike Caro Poker Books

  • Bobby Baldwin’s Winning Poker Secrets 2004
  • Book of Tells: The Body Language of Poker 1984
  • Caro on Gambling 1984
  • Caro’s Book of Poker Tells 2003

Caro’s Book of Poker Tells – Review

  • Caro’s Fundamental Secrets of Poker 1991
  • Caro’s Fundamental Secrets of Winning Poker 1996
  • Caro’s Most Profitable Hold’em Advice 2007
  • Caro’s Secrets of Winning Poker 2008
  • Gambling Times Quiz Book 1985
  • Mastering Hold’em and Omaha Poker 2007
  • Mike Caro’s Book of Tells: The Body Language of Poker 1984
  • New Poker Games 1984
  • Poker for Women: A Course in Destroying Male Opponents at Poker– And Beyond 1986
  • Poker Without Cards 2005
  • Professional Hold’em Play By Play 2005
  • The Body Language of Poker: Mike Caro’s Book of Tells 1994
  • Card Player Digest: The Best Of Card Player 1988 1994 1995
  • Poker at the Millennium 2003

 Mike Matusow Poker Books

  1. Check-raising the Devil 2009

Check-Raising the Devil, by Mike Matusow – True Mike Review

 Mike Sexton Poker Books

  1. Life’s a Gamble 2016
    World Poker Tour:
  2. Shuffle Up and Deal 2005

 Mike Turner Poker Books

  1. Crushing Low Stakes Poker: How to Make $1,000s Playing Low Stakes Sit ’n Gos, Volume 1: Strategy 2016
  2. Crushing Low Stakes Poker: The Essential Guide to Dominating Low Stakes Sit ’n Gos (Volume 1: Strategy) 2016
  3. Crushing Low Stakes Poker: The Essential Guide to Dominating Low Stakes Sit ’n Gos (Volume 2: Heads-Up) 2014
  4. Crushing Low Stakes Poker: The Essential Guide to Dominating Low Stakes Sit ’n Gos, Volume 3: Hyper Turbos 2016

 Molly Bloom Poker Books

  1. Molly’s Game: From Hollywood’s Elite to Wall Street’s Billionaire Boys Club, My High-Stakes Adventure in the World of Underground Poker 2014

MR Kevin Bailey Poker Books

  1. Poker Math: Simple, Effective and Advanced Strategies to use 2018

 Nate Meyvis Poker Books

  1. Thinking Tournament Poker
  2. Thinking Tournament Poker 2

 Nathan Schwiethale Poker Books

  1. Ace High: Mastering Low Stakes Poker Cash Games 2011

 Nathan Williams Poker Books

  1. Crushing The Microstakes 2011
  2. Modern Small Stakes 2014
  3. The Micro Stakes Playbook 2017

Nathan Williams, better known by his online handle BlackRain79, is the author of the popular poker blog “BlackRain79”. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Nathan now resides in South East Asia, where he grinds online poker and publishes his blog. BlackRain79 has written countless articles on poker strategy on his blog. He has also composed many books, like “Crushing the Microstakes.”

Crushing the Microstakes is a complete guide on beating small buyin games online. 

While a lot of poker strategy focuses on how to win big tournaments or compete in the toughest high-stakes games online, Williams focuses on games his readers are likelier to play. 

Learning how to adjust to your opponents’ mistakes and exploit their weaknesses is a big part of being successful when it comes to beating micro stakes online. 

It also details: 

the type of software you should be using, 

the different features of various limits of poker, 

how to identify and adapt to your opponents, 

and the technical aspects of playing online, like setting up your lobbies and tables. 

It is an excellent read for anyone interested in starting with online poker

 Nesmith C Ankeny Poker Books

  1. Poker Strategy: Winning With Game Theory 1982

 Nick Christenson Poker Books

  1. Winning Strategies for No-Limit Hold’em 2008

 Nigel Goldman Poker Books

  1. Make a Million from Online Poker: The Surefire Way to Profit from the Internet’s Coolest Game 2006

 Owen Gaines Poker Books

  1. Hole Card Confessions: Hand-Reading and Exploitive Play in Hold’em 2010
  2. Poker Math That Matters Simplifying The Secrets Of No Limit Hold’em 2010

Paul Mendelson Poker Books

  1. Texas Hold’ Em: Win Online 2005
  2. Texas Hold’em Poker: Win Online 2009
  3. The Mammoth Book of Poker 2008

 Pawel Nazarewicz Poker Books

  1. Building a Bankroll Full Ring Edition 2012

 Peter Clarke Poker Books

  1. 100 Hands: 100 Detailed Solutions to 100 6-Max Cash Problems 2017
  2. The Grinder’s Manual: A Complete Course in Online No Limit
  3. Holdem 6-Max Cash Games 2016

 Phil Gordon Poker Books

  1. Phil Gordon’s Little Black Book: Beginning Poker Lessons and the No Limit Lifestyle 2004
  2. Phil Gordon’s Little Blue Book: More Lessons and Hand Analysis in No Limit Texas Hold’em 2006
  3. Phil Gordon’s Little Gold Book: Advanced Lessons for Mastering Poker 2.0 2011
  4. Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Texas Hold’em 1980
  5. Phil Gordon’s Poker Box Set: Phil Gordon’s Little Black Book, Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book, Phil Gordon’s Little Blue Book 2006
  6. Poker: The Real Deal 2004

 Phil Hellmuth Poker Books

Play Poker Like the Pros by Phil Hellmuth — An Unbiased Review

  1. Bad Beats and Lucky Draws: Poker Strategies, Winning Hands, and Stories from the Professional Poker Tour 2004
  2. Phil Hellmuth’s Texas Hold’em 2005
  3. Play Poker Like the Pros: The greatest poker player in the world today reveals his million-dollar-winning strategies to the most popular tournament, home and online games 2003
  4. Poker Brat: Phil Hellmuth’s Autobiography 2017

 Phil Shaw Poker Books

  1. Secrets of non-Standard Sit n gos 2010
  2. Secrets of Sit ‘n’ Gos: Winning Strategies for Single-table Poker Tournaments 2008

 Ralph Wheeler Poker Books

  1. Championship Table – Ralph Wheeler, Dana Smith, Tom McEvoy 2012
  2. The Championship Table: At the World Series of Poker (1970-2003) – Ralph Wheeler, Dana Smith, Tom McEvoy 2004

Richard Jessup Poker Books

  1. The Cincinnati Kid: A Novel 1963

 Richard Sparks Poker Books

  1. Diary of a Mad Poker Player 2005
  2. Getting Lucky: The Education of a Mad Poker Player 2006

 Rob Tucker Poker Books

  1. Playing No-Limit Hold’em as a Business 2010
  2. Playing Sit and Go Poker as a Business 2010

 Rolf Slotboom Poker Books

  1. Hold’em on the Come: Limit Hold’Em Strategy For Drawing Hands 2006
  2. Secrets of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha: How to win big, both live and online 2006
  3. Secrets of Short-handed Pot-Limit Omaha 2009

Roy Cooke Poker Books

  1. How to Play Like a Poker Pro 2008
  2. How to Think Like a Poker Pro 2007
  3. Real Poker II: The Play of Hands 2005
  4. Real Poker: The Cooke Collection 2011

 Roy West Poker Books

  1. 7-Card Stud 1996
  2. 7-Card Stud: 42 Lessons How to Win at Medium Lower Limits 2004

 Russell Fox Poker Books

  1. Why You Lose at Poker 2006
  2. Mastering No-Limit Hold’em 2005

 Ryan Harrington Poker Books

  1. Poker Books: Three of the best poker books written. Master game theory optimal and mathematic formula to win small or big stakes tournament! 2017

 Sam Farha Poker Books

  1. Farha on Omaha: Expert Strategy for Beating Cash Games and Tournaments 2007

 Shane Smith Poker Books

  1. How to Beat Low-Limit Poker: How to win big money at little games 2008
  2. Omaha High-Low Poker: How to Win at the Lower Limits 2007
  3. Omaha High-Low: How to Win at the Lower Limits 2012
  4. Poker Tournament Tips From The Pros: How To Win Low Limit Poker Tournaments 2003
  5. Tournament Tips from the Poker Pros 2008

 Sky Matsuhashi Poker Books

  1. How to Study Poker Volume 2: A Proven Playbook For Increasing Your Poker Skills Through Dedicated Daily Study 2017
  2. How To Study Poker: Volume 1: Techniques For Making You A Better Player Today Than You Were Yesterday 2017
  3. Preflop Online Poker: The 4 Fundamentals Every NLHE Grinder Must Learn for Better Decisions and More Profits (The Dominoes of Poker) (Volume 1) 2018

 Stewart Reuben Poker Books

  1. How Good is Your Pot Limit Hold’em? 2004
  2. How Good is Your Pot-Limit Omaha? 2004
  3. Poker 24/7: 35 Years as a Poker Pro 2005
  4. Pot-Limit & No-Limit Poker 1999
  5. Starting Out in Poker (Starting Out) 2001

 T.J. Cloutier Poker Books

  1. Championship Hold’em 2011
  2. Championship no-limit and pot-limit hold’em: On the road to the World Series of Poker 1997
  3. Championship Omaha: Omaha High-Low, Omaha High and Pot-Limit Omaha 1999
  4. How To Win The Championship: Hold’em Strategies for The Final Table 2006

 Tom McEvoy Poker Books

  1. Ako sa stať Poker PRO: No Limit Texas Hold´em – Basic 2012
  2. Beat Texas Hold’em 2010
  3. Championship Hold’em 2000
  4. Championship Hold’em Tournament Hands: A Hand By Hand Strategy Guide to Winning Hold’em Tournaments 2005
  5. Championship Tournament Poker 2005
  6. Tournament Poker 2004
  7. Tom McEvoy, Brad Daugherty – Championship How to Win Hold’em Satellites: One-Table Satellites • Supersatellites • Online Satellites 2011
  8. Tom McEvoy, Brad Daugherty – Championship Satellite Strategy 2003
  9. Tom McEvoy, Brad Daugherty – No-Limit Texas Hold’em: The New Players Guide to Winning Poker’s Biggest Game 2009
  10. Tom McEvoy, Brad Daugherty – Win Your Way Into Big Money Hold’em Tournaments: How to Beat Casino and Online Satellite Poker Tournament 2005
  11. Tom McEvoy, Don Vines – How to Win No-Limit Hold’em Tournaments 2005
  12. Tom McEvoy, Max Stern, Linda Johnson – Championship 7-Stud 2012
  13. Tom McEvoy, Max Stern, Linda Johnson – Championship 7-Stud: High, 8-or-Better, Razz 2010
  14. Tom McEvoy, Max Stern, Linda Johnson – Championship Stud 2010
  15. Tom McEvoy, Max Stern, Linda Johnson – Championship Stud: 7-Card Stud, Stud/8, Razz 1998
  16. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier – Championship 107 Hold’em Tournament Hands 2012
  17. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier – Championship 107 Hold’em Tournament Hands: A Hand-by-Hand Guide to Winning Hold’em Tournaments! 2010
  18. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier – Championship Hold’em Satellite Strategy 2012
  19. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier – Championship No Limit Pot Limit Hold ‘Em 2004
  20. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier – Championship no-limit and pot-limit hold’em: On the road to the World Series of Poker 1997
  21. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier – Championship Omaha 1999
  22. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier – Championship Omaha: Omaha High-Low, Omaha High and Pot-Limit Omaha 1999
  23. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier – Championship Tournament Practice Hands 2003
  24. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier – How to Beat Low-Limit Poker 2012
  25. Tom McEvoy, T.J. Cloutier, Linda Johnson – CHAMPIONSHIP H.O.R.S.E 2010

Tom McEvoy is an accomplished poker player. He authored a column at CardPlayer and has published over a dozen poker books. 

His first book, “How to Win at Poker Tournaments,” offered a clear and concise path to winning tournaments—preaching solid fundamentals like strong preflop play and employing position to your advantage.

How to Win provides a robust framework theoretical for beginning or intermediate players who have struggled to achieve tournament success.

Another book that McEvoy wrote was No-Limit Texas Hold ’em: The New Players Guide to Winning Poker’s Biggest Game.” 

Despite being aimed at beginners, the strategies outlined in this work are solid, and many seasoned players could also benefit from reading it. While the prose is easy to understand and digest, don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity, the strategies McEvoy suggests are sound.

Thomas K. McEvoy was born in 1944 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He started off life as an accountant, but after being laid off in 1978, he decided to pursue poker full time. 

Aside from winning 4 WSOP titles, he was also inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2013. 

Tom has over three million dollars in poker tournament winnings and represented PokerStars from 2003 to 2011. 

 Tommy Angelo Poker Books

  1. A Rubber Band Story and Other Poker Tales 2011
  2. Elements of Poker 2007
  3. Painless Poker 2017
  4. Waiting for Straighters: A Preflop Experiment for No-Limit Holdem and Pot-Limit Omaha 2018

 Tri Nguyen Poker Books

  1. How I Made My First Million from Poker 2011
  2. The No-Limit Holdem Workbook: Exploiting Regulars 2009
  3. The Poker Blueprint: Advanced Strategies for Crushing Micro & Small Stakes NL 2009

 Tyler Nals Poker Books

  1. A Fishy Poker Tournament 2017
  2. Poker Blog 2014
  3. Poker Notes 2014
  4. The Dark Side of the Felt 2014
  5. The Perfect Range 2015

 Victor H. Royer Poker Books

  1. Powerful Profits From Internet Poker 2006
  2. Powerful Profits From Tournament Poker 2006

 Victoria Coren Poker Books

  1. For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair with Poker 2009

For Richer, For Poorer: A Love Affair With Poker

Will Tipton Poker Books

  1. Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold’em, Volume 1: Optimal and Exploitative Strategies 2012
  2. Expert Heads Up No Limit Hold’em, Volume 2: Strategies for Multiple Streets 2014

 Zachary Elwood Poker Books

  1. Exploiting Poker Tells 2019
  2. Reading Poker Tells 2012
  3. Verbal Poker Tells 2014
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