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Raise Your Edge

Raise Your Edge, founded by Benjamin ‘bencb’ Rolle, offers top-tier poker coaching courses designed to elevate players’ games to new levels.🏆

Whether you’re looking to dominate tournaments, excel in bounty formats, boost your mindset, or breakthrough in live cash games, Raise Your Edge has something for you.

With exclusive discounts from, you can save money while accessing elite poker coaching. Below are in-depth reviews of some of their best courses:

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the tournament masterclass expert level course by raise your edge - best course for pro and advanced mtt players
1 year ago

bencb789’s Tournament Masterclass – EXPERT level

Original price was: $1,297.00.Current price is: $1,147.00. -12%

The Tournament Masterclass Expert Course is an MTT poker course for advanced players. Created by one of the best online sit & go and tournament players Benjamin 'Bencb' Rolle.

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the tournament masterclass expert level course best tournament course overall
1 year ago

Apprentice Tournament Masterclass by Raise Your Edge

Original price was: $697.00.Current price is: $617.00. -11%

The Tournament Masterclass Apprentice Course is a Multi-Table-Tournament poker course for intermediate and advanced players. Created by Benjamin 'Bencb' Rolle.

Show next features a free course, the Tournament Masterclass Starter, providing essential poker concepts and strategies at no cost.
Additionally, they offer significant discounts on various courses, including the:
  • Tournament Masterclass Expert and Apprentice, - code: BOEXP
  • Online Cash Apprentice, - code: BOPCASH 
  • and Mastering Live Cash, - code: BOPLIVE
all accompanied by a 10-day money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied after putting in the necessary work. The most popular course, the Tournament Masterclass Expert, is highly recommended for players aiming to reach 'bencb'-level and MTT success.🏆 Although, this is very difficult to achieve since he has won millions of dollars in poker tournaments and is considered one of the best online players. Tournament Masterclass Expert covers a wide range of topics essential for making smart pro-player-level decisions across various situations, vital for becoming a winning poker player. Raise Your Edge also introduces Pairrd, an interactive training tool featuring quizzes, video tutorials, and current GTO ranges to enhance your learning experience and maintain a high level of play. Furthermore, specific courses like Bounty Beast focus on knockout and bounty tournament strategies, while Unchained Mind tackles the often-neglected aspect of poker - the mindset. Online Cash Apprentice and Mastering Live Cash are tailored for those looking to excel in cash games, both online and live, offering comprehensive strategies, from preflop to post-flop play, alongside private Discord channels for direct communication with coaches and fellow players. All of their courses are regularly updated according to current playing styles.
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