What are the best poker books to read?

Choosing the correct book on poker is essential, as important as table selection!

You don’t need to read worthless books!

If you choose the wrong book or sit at the wrong poker table, you will waste your time and money. 

For this reason, to save you time and money, I select the best books.

There are currently 622 poker books on the market, and you don’t need to read all of them, as many are of poor quality. Hence, I review only the top poker books, and I do it in detail. A list of all the reviews is available at the end of this article.

How do I decide which poker book is good and deserves in-depth review?

I check poker forums and websites like Goodreads and Amazon and see which poker books people talk about, which have the highest review score and many sold copies.

Why are bookonpoker.com reviews better than other poker book reviews?

All of my reviews are very detailed and include the most important information.

During the creation of the review structure, I asked myself the following question:

“What must be checked before buying a book, so I will enjoy reading it, I won’t waste my money, and it will improve my game?”

The answers to the above resulted in the poker book review structure that I use for most of my reviews; it includes:

  1. Positives and Negatives
  2. A Rating of 1 to 10 With 10 Being The Best
  3. Book Summary
  4. Praise and Critique
  5. Recommendation
  6. Information About the Author
  8. Table of Content
  9. Testimonials (when available)
  10. Book Promo or Author Video (when available)
  11. Book Details

To make it easier for you to pick the right poker book, each book is assigned to the correct category. *All the categories are available in the menu (under ‘Poker Books’).

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