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Texas Holdem is undoubtedly the most popular variant of all the poker games. As a result, most poker games today are Texas Holdem, and most poker books are based on Holdem strategies and rules. Texas Holdem’s simplicity and demand have inspired plenty of authors to create strategy and entertainment books.
Below you can find top poker books for Texas Holdem players and fans. Some are purely about Texas Holdem strategies, while other books are more on the entertaining side, with Holdem in the background.

You won’t get far in the poker world if you do not play like Gus Hansen - aggressive and fearless. The Great Dane, as he is also referred to, has left the key ...

Delving into the lifestyle of a poker pro, Ace on the River is not so much of an “Advanced Poker Guide” as it’s being advertised. In fact, it’s more of a ...

The Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Volume 3 (SOPTP III) is an insightful poker strategy book written by Jonathan Little, back in 2013. It is the ...

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