- 34% BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Complete best overall course

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University (2023)


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BlackRain79 Elite Poker University (2023)
BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Complete best overall course

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is one of the most comprehensive poker courses. In his 17+ hours of training, BlackRain79 covered strategies for Cash Games, Multi Table Tournaments, Zoom, SNG, and 6max.

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9.5/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #2 in category Best Poker Courses & Training Sites - Based On Your Needs
I have assessed BlackRain79 Elite Poker University based on the below criteria. This is my honest rating of this course. Feel free to add your ratings at the end of this review.
Content Quality
Content Quantity
Coach Authority
Content Uniqueness
Teaching Quality
  • Easy to understand
  • Street specific
  • Rich bonus section
  • Practical
  • Comprehensive
  • $100 OFF with the following code bookonpoker100
  • A high number of downloadable cheat sheets (including ranges)
  • The strategy is adjusted according to your opponent's playing style
  • Cheap for the amount of knowledge you get
  • Some of the strategies won't work in high stake games 

Who is BlackRain79?

Nathan “BlackRain79” Williams is a professional poker player with some of the highest online winnings at the micro stakes. He has written multiple books, mainly about small stakes strategy.

Course Information

The price of the course is $297. However, you can get it for $197 using the following code: bookonpoker100. Simply add the code on the checkout page. Black rain 79 checkout adding promo code 'bookonpoker100'

What is included in The Elite Poker University?

The course includes:

  • 17+ hours of training videos
  • Hundreds of downloadable “cheat sheets” and written strategy
  • 50+ video lessons for cash games, MTTs, zoom, sngs, 6max, live, online, and more.
  • 200+ examples of hands



The main content of the new BlackRain79 Elite Poker University poker course is videos (17+ hours). However, you also get tons of written, downloadable material. Nathan divided the course into sections based on the street (preflop, flop, turn, river) and included tons of additional studying material.  Each street section starts with a basic strategy or concept and then moves into more advanced elements.  After the street parts, he talks about the management of your career:

  • Bankroll managememnt, 
  • Tilt management, 
  • Pro players’ secrets, 
  • HUD usage.

At the end of the course, you get bonus material, which has as much value as the above content, and it contains:

  • Guides to playing semi-pro
  • Guides to playing full-time pro
  • Multi Table Tournaments Workshops
  • Zoom Workshops 

Interface Review – is it easy to use?

The Interface is logically organized and well-described. It contains only the necessary elements, making it easy to use

Is it mobile-friendly?

I tested it from a mobile device, and it’s user-friendly. Although I had a problem viewing it from Firefox, it worked fine after cleaning the browser cookies. BlackRain79-course-mobile-access

Course Content

  • ‘Welcome video!
  • Welcome! Watch This First (7:07)
  • How Much Money Can You Make Playing Poker? (13:39)
  • Which Poker Games Are the Most Profitable For You? (15:16)
  • The 5 Main Poker Player Types You Must Know! (22:35)


Elite Preflop Poker Strategy

  • What Poker Hands Should You Play? (Downloadable “Cheat Sheet” Charts) (26:47)
  • What Hands Should You Call With Preflop? (Do It With These Only (13:23)
  • What Hands Should You Re-Raise With Preflop? (These Are The Best Ones)(25:38)


Elite Flop Poker Strategy

  • When to Bet or Check the Flop (In-Depth Board Texture Analysis) (14:24)

Black-rain-79-course-boards-to-cbet strategy  

  • How Much to Bet on the Flop (Use These Amounts!) (11:26)
  • Our Fundamental Proven Winning Flop Strategy (12:57)
  • What To Do If You Get Called On the Flop? (17:22)
  • What To Do If You Get Raised On the Flop? (20:40)
  • When To Re-Raise On the Flop! (These Situations) (14:34)
  • Expert Flop Delayed C-Betting Strategy (17:51)
  • Expert Flop Floating Strategy As the Preflop Caller (23:32)
  • When to Raise the Flop as the Preflop Caller (26:30) 
  • My Secret Flop “Donk Betting” Strategy (17:20)
  • How to Dominate Multi-Way Pots On the Flop (14:03)
  • Expert 3-Bet Pot Flop Strategy as the Preflop Raiser (37:01)
  • Expert 3-Bet Pot Flop Strategy as the Preflop Caller (33:27)


Elite Turn Poker Strategy

  • Optimal Double Barrel Strategy (Scare Cards and Equity Cards) (29:21)
  • Our Fundamental Proven Winning Turn Strategy (15:41)
  • What To Do When You Get Called on the Turn? (21:18)
  • What To Do When You Get Raised on the Turn? (28:42)
  • The “Art” of the Delayed Turn C-Bet (9:09)
  • Advanced Check Raising the Turn For Maximum Value! (15:49)
  • Double Floating the Turn (Elite Level Strategy) (29:37)
  • Raising the Turn as a Semi-Bluff (Use vs. Aggressive Players) (14:36)
  • How to Pot Control the Turn Like the Pros (16:39)
  • Advanced 3-Bet Pot Turn Strategy as the Preflop Raiser (21:00)
  • Advanced 3-Bet Pot Turn Strategy as the Preflop Caller (23:07)


Elite River Poker Strategy

  • Fundamental River Strategy (Standard Value Bets and Bluffs) (29:36)
  • Triple Barrel Bluffs (Highly Advanced Strategy) (13:49)
  • How to Get the Maximum “Thin” Value on the River (12:30)
  • Your Complete Guide to Optimal River Bluffing Strategy (18:23)
  • Your Complete Guide to Optimal River Value Betting Strategy (19:35)
  • Advanced Check Raising the River For Maximum Value! (12:19)
  • The Ultimate Weapon (The River Overbet Shove ALL-IN) (9:36)
  • How to Manage Your Poker Career Like the Pros
  • The Ultimate Guide to Tilt Control (Most Important Video) (26:23)
  • Your Complete Guide to Bankroll Management (12:50)
  • Elite Game Selection Used by Pros (What They Don’t Tell You) (10:36)
  • How to Setup Your Poker HUD (Use These 15 Stats) (22:49)
  • Thank You (My Final Advice to You as a 10+ Year Pro) (7:37)


*BONUS* BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Videos

  • [Bonus] Your Ultimate Guide to Playing Poker Semi-Professionally (9:09)
  •  [Bonus] Your Ultimate Guide to Playing Poker Professionally (28:19)
  •  [Bonus] Elite Zoom Strategy Workshop Part 1 (25:54)
  •  [Bonus] Elite Zom Strategy Workshop Part 2 (24:31)
  •  [Bonus] Elite MTT Strategy Workshop Part 1 (31:02)
  •  [Bonus] Elite MTT Strategy Workshop Part 2 (16:34)
  •  [Bonus] Elite MTT Strategy Workshop Part 3 (26:40)
  • Free Bonuses are Also Included!
  • Elite Zoom Strategy Workshop ($300 Value)
  • Elite MTT Strategy Workshop ($500 Value)
  • Download My Preflop Starting Hand “Cheat Sheets” for Every Position at the Poker Table ($200 Value)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Semi-Professional Poker ($200 Value)
  • The Ultimate Guide to Playing Poker Professionally ($500 Value)

Praise and Critique – BlackRain79 Elite Poker University

The course is well-structured and thorough. BlackRain79 presents all the information in a clear and easy-to-understand way.  He often recommends straightforward TAG game without overthinking.  His strategy is simple and adjusted according to your opponent’s playing style.

‘We always want to have a flexible strategy in poker which adjusts to the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.”

Nathan Williams uses uncomplicated language and explains the poker slang. Poker slang blackrain79 course   I particularly enjoyed Nathan’s explanations of why playing aggressively is crucial in poker.  His thought process is logical and will make sense even to novice players.    Black-rain-79-course-aggresive-style-of-play   Hundreds of hand examples guide you through the most challenging spots you will face at the tables.   hand example nathan williams poker course On the negative side, there are not enough strategy adjustments for MTT play, but there is a separate section for tournaments. Also, there is no application. But it’s unnecessary since the course is easy to use from a mobile device without the app. 

My Recommendation

I recommend it to beginner and intermediate players. However, you must have some basic game understanding to take this course (know the rules, etc.). If you are an advanced player, you should get a course designed specifically for the games you play, for example, The Tournament Masterclass – Expert by Raise Your Edge. Watch the course from beginning to end because the videos are made in linear order, from the most basic concepts to the most advanced ones.  To be a winning player and crush offline and online games, you must be familiar with all the concepts this course teaches.

What do other players say?

“I think I am like many beginner players who caught the poker “bug.” I tried every strategy, tool and software and followed every coaches’ advice because they promise the world and make it all seem so easy. Cost? Huge. Results? Not so many. When I came across blackrain79 I felt there was something different though. In his YouTube videos, blog, and books he just seemed real to me and down to earth for us struggling small stakes players. I’m half way through his new course, and I finally had my first real winning month at the tables. Maybe this is just a lucky run of cards, but I feel much more confident in my reads and decision-making. I also feel like Nathan Williams really cares about us, which is something unique among poker coaches.”
Frank Reed
“I was already making several hundred dollars per week in my local $1/$3 game, but I decided that, knowing blackrain79, I would give it a shot. Boy was it worthwhile. He goes so far beyond any of the other materials I’ve seen out there. So many great strategies and new ideas for beating “good” players, which was something I honestly struggled with a lot. If you want to be successful in small or mid stakes , this course is a must buy!”
Daniel Craig

What are the alternatives to this poker course?

There are many alternatives to Negreanou Masterclass. If you are looking for more specific training focusing on another area of this game, you can use the below filters and compare options (⤮) to find the best poker classes for you.  


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Can you access it from a mobile device?

Yes, and the mobile Interface looks good.

How much is the course?

$297, use code bookonpoker100 to get it for $197

Who is the course for?

Beginner and intermediate players

Is it for live or online games?

It is more for online than live players because of the HUD stats needed to follow the strategy. However, many of the concepts can be used in live games.

Specification: BlackRain79 Elite Poker University (2023)


BlackRain79 Elite Poker University




Cash Games, Tournaments, Zoom, sngs, 6max


Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams


17+ hours of videos, 50+ videos, 200+ example hands, 100+ "cheat sheets" and written strategy

Skill Level

Beginner and Intermediate players


$297 ($100 OFF with code 'bookonpoker100')

Free Trial

30 days money back guarantee

Access Duration


Content Format

Video lessons, cheat sheets (including ranges),





Payment Methods

PayPal, Skrill, Credit and Debit Cards

Additional Features

Starting hands "Cheat Sheets", custom HUDs


Easy to understand.
Street specific.
Rich bonus section.
$100 OFF with the following code bookonpoker100.
A high number of downloadable cheat sheets (including ranges).
The strategy is adjusted according to your opponent's playing style.
Cheap for the amount of knowledge you get.


Some of the strategies won't work in high stake games.

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BlackRain79 Elite Poker University (2023)
BlackRain79 Elite Poker University (2023)


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