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Crush 6 Max Hyper Turbo Sit and Go – Raise Your Edge


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Crush 6 Max Hyper Turbo Sit and Go – Raise Your Edge
Raise your edge coaches

Crush 6 Max Hyper SNGs by Raise Your Edge is unique and probably the best poker course on Hyper turbo sit-and-go games. Read the review and find out why.

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8.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #7 in category Poker Courses & Training Sites
I have assessed Slay 6-Max Hypers course based on the below criteria. This is my honest rating of this course. Feel free to add your ratings at the end of this review.
Content Quality
Content Quantity
Coaches Authority
Content Uniqueness
Teaching Quality
  • Free of charge regular updates
  • Successful SNG coaches
  • Unique content
  • Real hand examples
  • Ready to use strategy
  • HUDs for 6MaxHypers
  • 25+ hours of Hyper six max sng content
  • Some of the concepts can be used for other sng formats
  • Requires complete focus and long studying hours
  • Not for total beginners

Are 6 max Hyper Turbo Sit and GO games profitable?

6max HyperSNG games are profitable because they attract many recreational players. The structure, speed, and adrenaline that this type of games offer is very appealing to gamblers. 6max HyperSNGs are some of the speediest and most aggressive games in poker rooms. Also, there is insufficient content for HyperSNG six max, so many players play without a proper strategy and logical rationale.

6 max hyper sit and go structure

The starting stack is between 20-25 blinds, and the blind levels increase every 3 minutes. However, those games still need skill. You can make serious money by following a proper strategy and taking advantage of opponents’ mistakes. This is where this course comes to play. The trainers Joshua and Ben are giving you a ready 6max sng recipe to cook some Fish and make serious money.

Who are the coaches?

coaches raise your edge Bencb and Joshua ‘Slayerv1fan’ Hoesel   Joshua ‘Slayerv1fan’ Hoesel has played for over ten years and won over $1,000,000 playing online Hyper SNGs.  He achieved that by playing the highest stakes possible and having one of the most remarkable volumes and table counts of SNGs in poker history! Despite his young age, he is an experienced poker coach and player. He started playing poker more than ten years ago. Benjamin ‘Bencb’ Rolle is among the world’s top SNG & Tournament players and trainers. He toped the sharkscope leaderboard in 2013 and 2015. Ben has won SCOOP multiple times and has over $30 million in cashes.

Course Information 

You will get access to 25+ hours of video content by Bencb & Slayer.  Each video is 40 – 80 minutes long and starts with theory and then moves more to the practice part. They will show you the steps you must take to be a winning 6-max turbo sngs player. You will get ready to use strategy that helped them to make some serious money. And the cool part about it is that they regularly update the content based on the current 6-max Hyper Turbo Sit ‘n Go’s tendencies.  Some of the questions they will answer include the following:

  • What HUDs stats to use for 6 max sng?
  • How to design your notes, so they are easy to read?
  • What tools are best to be used for this format?
  • What ranges to play from each position?
  • How to play against various player types?
  • How do I build a bankroll
  • Which format can I find an edge in today’s game? 
  • Where did Bencb start his career? 
  • and much more…

Interface – is it easy to use?

The interface is straightforward to use. You can access it from a mobile device with the option to watch the training in full-screen mode, and the quality is good. crush 6max hypers raise your edge from mobile device   crush 6max hypers raise your edge interface

Content of Crush 6 Max Hyper Turbo Sit and Go Course

The course is divided into seven sections:

Introduction – 1 video

  • In this video, you will learn how to get the most from this course and the best way to learn and implement the material.

Preflop – 6 videos

Open raising strategy based on your stack size – 4 videos

  • What are the biggest mistakes when open-raising preflop?
  • What are the most profitable ranges for 6max hyper turbos?
  • And much more…

open raising strategy - crush 6max hypers raise your edge Advanced pre-flop strategy – 1 video

  • How to make more money with pre-flop raises out of position?
  • What hand ranges to play?
  • How to 4bet bluff successfully?
  • What to consider when three bettings?
  • Merged and Polarized three bets

Restealing in hyper turbo sng – 1 video

  • What are some of the most common mistakes when restealing, and how to avoid them?
  • When and how to adapt to restealing?
  • How to deal with resteal when you have less than 11 big blinds?

crush 6max hypers raise your edge  

6-max Hyper Turbos – Postflop Play – 3 lessons

In the post-flop section, the coaches will teach you to play postflop as PFA in the position and out of position. You will learn the following:

  • C-betting vs. checking-behind
  • Relative hand strengths
  • How to bluff successfully?
  • What are the most common mistakes when c-betting?
  • How to value-bet?
  • What is the perfect bet size?
  • What to consider when bluffing?

Post flop part of the crush 6max hypers raise your edge

Hypers Pushing & Calling

The trainers will teach you how to push and call flawlessly.

  • What are the most common mistakes when pushing and calling?
  • When to differ from NASH?
  • When is it correct to push and when to min-raise? 
  • What are the advantages of min-raising?
  • How to play with a short stack (less than six bb)?
  • When to shove correctly?

push and call - crush 6max hypers raise your edge

Bubble & Advanced ICM Concepts in 6max Hypers – 2 videos

  • ‘Collusion likelihood’ – the likelihood of the remaining players getting all-in against each other. 
  • How to take advantage of those spots, and how to avoid them?
  • What are the impacts of ‘Collusion likelihood’?
  • How to play +EV on the bubble?

Bubble play - crush 6max hypers raise your edge

Heads up play – 3 lessons

  • What are the most common mistakes when playing Heads-Up?
  • How to play Heads up profitably in the position?
  • How to play HU profitably out of position?
  • What ranges to play IP?
  • What ranges to play OOP?

Practical Hands Hand examples

Technical Tools for Hyper Turbo Sit and GO games – 1 video

  • What HUDs stats to use for 6max hypers?
  • How to design your notes, so they are easy to read. 
  • What tools are best to used for this poker format. ?

Tools - crush 6max hypers raise your edge 

Praise and Critique

The course is created especially for six max super turbo SNGs. Yet, you can apply many of the explained concepts to other sng games and not only.

It is thorough and valuable for anyone who wants to be a winning player in this poker format. All the theory is also explained with actual hand samples.

One of the most significant advantages of this course is that you get a ready strategy from winning players, which is regularly updated according to the current game patterns.

‘Evaluate your marked hands from your last session right before your next session and set new goals.’

On the negative side, a lot of theory is included, which means you will require long studying hours to understand and implement the strategy. Some of the recommended tools that the coaches recommend are no longer available. However, they acknowledged that and recommend other tools as a replacement.  Statistics in HUDs are provided, yet, there is no information on how to set them up in Poker Tracker. You must find it out yourself, as some of the HUD stats are not so obvious (i.e., Raise first vs. positions). 

My Recommendation

I recommend Crush 6 Max Hypers course by Raise Your Edge to beginners, intermediate and advanced players. However, this is not a course for total beginners. It would help to have Sit and Gos and ICM knowledge before starting it. If you are a total beginner, I advise you to start with a poker book about sit-and-go games.  The Crush 6 Max course is detailed and specific for a particular game format. However, you can apply the concept also to other poker games. To take advantage of the strategy the coaches present, you must study long hours and be entirely focused. Also, make sure to take notes while learning. That way, you will remember it better. Nevertheless, it’s important that together with studying the ICM, push/fold, re-stealing, etc., you also practice while playing sng. Watch all the Raise Your Edge content chronologically from the beginning until the end. There isn’t much high-quality six max hyper sit and go content. So, if you understand and implement what RYE guys teach, you will get a massive advantage over other sng hyper players.


I exclusively used this course to go from an average small-mid stakes player to now competing at the highest stakes against the real beasts.
Jaime Staples - Professional Canadian Poker Player
This is an elaborate amount of high-end, high-quality content. You get ranges, videos, and tools, all for what you would spend on just 2-4 hours of coaching. It is a compilation of an incredible amount of work and effort. Of everything I have gone through, this is as good as it gets!
Jeff Gross - Professional US American poker player
Ben didn’t only show me my leaks. He also pushed me to work harder offside the tables. He always showed me new and better approaches, even in spots, which seemed to be standard to me. He was very flexible, and he also analyzed my database and stats. I definitely became a better and more confident player, and I managed it to play higher stakes.
Muuf - SnG Midstakes

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How much is the course?

The price for Crush 6 Max hyper turbo sngs course by Raise Your Edge is $479 (you get $80 OFF with the code BOPHYPER). That’s $399 instead of $479! I know… this is not the cheapest poker course, but you must pay extra for quality. With the ready hyper-turbo sng strategy, you should quickly get your money back.


Can you access it from a mobile device?

Yes, and it’s very mobile user-friendly.

Who is the course for?

It is for anyone who wants to master Hyper turbo sng games. It’s not for beginners, though. 

How significant is the variance in 6max HyperSNGs?

Six max Hyper SNG variance can be brutal. You must have a good bankroll of at least 300 buy-ins.

What sample of hands is needed for HYper sng to see if you are a winning player?

You will need a sample of at least 5000 sng games to find out if these types of games are profitable for you to play.

What win rate can you expect from playing sit and goes?

It depends on the rake and the payout structure of the sng you play. But some players achieve up to 15% ROI playing 6max Hyper sng.

Is it for live or online games?

Online games but many concepts can be applied to live games as well

Is it still possible to make money playing 6maxHyper?

YES! This turbo sit n go’s evolved, but it is still possible to make a massive profit, and the coaches of this course prove it. 

Specification: Crush 6 Max Hyper Turbo Sit and Go – Raise Your Edge


Crush 6Max Hypers




Sit and Go


Joshua ‘Slayerv1fan’ Hoesel, Benjamin ‘Bencb’ Rolle


25 hours of videos

Skill Level

Intermediate and advanced


$479 ($80 with code BOPHYPER)

Free Trial

10 days money back guarantee

Access Duration

Lifetime Access (free content updates)

Content Format

Video lessons, quizzes, and interactive assignments





Payment Methods

Credit Card, PayPal, LuxonPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Skrill

Additional Features

Free updates, pre-built ranges, charts, HUDs for 6MaxHypers.


Free of charge Regular updates.
Successful SNG coaches.
Unique content.
Real-hand examples.
Ready to use strategy.
HUDs for 6MaxHypers
25+ hours of Hyper six max sng content
Some of the concepts can be used for other sng formats


Requires complete focus and long studying hours.
Not for total beginners.

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Crush 6 Max Hyper Turbo Sit and Go – Raise Your Edge
Crush 6 Max Hyper Turbo Sit and Go – Raise Your Edge


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