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- 20% focus, professionalism, and downswings by elliot roe - course review

Elliot Roe’s ‘Focus Professionalism and Dealing with Downswings’ – Course Review (2024)

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  • Signing up for a PokerCoaching Premium membership gives you access to this course and over 75 other courses for $73.50 in the first month using a discount code: bookon50
  • Comprehensive Mental Strategy: Covers all bases from diet and exercise to sleep and meditation. It's like having a full house in your mental game.
  • Expert Guidance: Elliot Roe isn’t just any coach; he’s a seasoned hypnotherapist and mental game expert. You’re learning from the Phil Ivey of mental game strategy.
  • Real-Life Techniques: The course offers practical, actionable strategies. It’s like getting the hole card camera view of your mental game.
  • Emphasis on Focus and Professionalism: Roe zeros in on these crucial aspects, offering a roadmap to maintaining them through the ups and downs. Think of it as your mental game’s pocket aces.
  • Holistic Approach: The course doesn’t just focus on poker; it addresses your overall lifestyle, which is crucial for long-term success.
  • Intensity and Commitment Required: Not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for quick tips, this might feel like trying to bluff a pot with a table full of calling stations.
  • Time Investment: This isn’t a one-and-done deal. It’s a long-term commitment,
  • Not Strategy Focused: If you’re solely looking for tactical poker play strategies, this course plays a different game.

Today, I am dissecting a course that’s not about your usual flop textures or river bluffs.

It’s about conquering the battlefield of the mind. I’m talking about Elliot Roe’s ‘Focus Professionalism and Dealing with Downswings’.

Let’s dive into this mental dojo and see what gems we can unearth.

The Brain Behind the Course: Elliot Roe’s Credentials

First off, who’s dealing with these mental cards?

Elliot Roe, a name synonymous with peak mental performance in poker.

He’s not just a coach; he’s a hypnotherapist, NLP, and EFT guru who’s worked with the crème de la crème of poker, sports, and business.

If poker’s a mental game, Roe’s like the Phil Ivey of the mind.

Course Content Overview

The course isn’t just a random collection of tips; it’s a full-blown strategy for mental toughness.

Roe covers everything from the importance of diet (hello, brain food!) and exercise (pump it to up your focus), to mastering your sleep cycle and the art of meditation.

It’s not just about playing your A-game; it’s about living it.

Diet - Focus, Professionalism and Downswings course review

The Mental Grind: Strategies and Techniques

Roe dives deep into the real deal – building focus and professionalism. He’s not only talking about avoiding tilt.

He’s teaching how to forge a mindset that withstands the brutal swings of the game.

From pre-game routines to harnessing the power of visualization and hypnosis, Roe’s techniques are like the small edges that make a big difference in your win rate.

Course content 'Focus, Professionalism, and Dealing with Downswings

Course Price

Alright, let’s talk numbers for Elliot Roe’s poker course.

The sticker price? $79.

However, a better option is to sign up for a PokerCoaching Premium membership and get this course, together with 75+ other courses (and much more).

The price of a Premium subscription is $147 but you get 50% off the first month’s PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50

This means you pay only $73.50 for Elliot Roe’s course and you get many other things that pokercoaching offers. 

One month is enough time to complete the course and also a few other courses.

The Reality Check: Pros and Cons of ‘Focus, Professionalism, and Dealing with Downswings’ course

Alright, let’s be real.

If you’re after quick hacks, this isn’t your playground.

But, if you’re ready to commit to a mental marathon, the rewards are as sweet as a rivered straight flush.

The course demands dedication, but hey, that’s what separates the sharks from the fish, right?

Stacking Up: How Does it Compare?

In the poker world, where strategy and technical skills are king, ‘Focus, Professionalism, and Dealing with Downswings’ is a breath of fresh air.

It focuses on the often-overlooked aspect of the game – the mental game. It’s like finding that hidden gem that turns a good player into a great one.

My Recommendation

So, would I recommend Elliot Roe’s ‘Focus, Professionalism, and Dealing with Downswings’?

In a heartbeat.

It’s a goldmine for anyone looking to elevate their mental game. Think of it as investing in the best poker tool there is – your mind.

That’s the rundown, folks.

Remember, poker’s not just about the cards you’re holding; it’s about the mindset you bring to the table. And with Roe’s guidance, you’re not just playing the game; you’re mastering it.

Stay sharp, stay focused, and as always, may your bluffs be convincing and your tells undetectable.

My Favorite Course Quote

“Poker tournament dinner break is where you get your advantage”


Is this course suitable for beginners?
Ideal for players with some experience who understand poker fundamentals and are looking to enhance their mental game.

How much time commitment is required?
It requires a significant commitment, as the course is comprehensive and involves implementing various lifestyle changes.

Does the course include specific poker strategy tips?
The focus is primarily on the mental aspects of poker, not specific playing strategies.

Can the techniques be applied to other areas of life?
Yes, many of the strategies for focus, discipline, and mental resilience are applicable in various life scenarios.

Is there support or community interaction as part of the course?
Details on community interaction or support would depend on the course’s current structure, which can be checked on the official website or contact points.

How does this course differ from other poker courses?
It uniquely focuses on the mental game and psychological aspects rather than the technical strategies of poker.

Is the investment in the course worth it?
For players serious about improving their mental approach to poker and willing to invest time and effort, the course offers valuable insights.

Are there any prerequisites for taking this course?
Basic understanding of poker and a willingness to delve into psychological and lifestyle aspects are essential.


Specification: Elliot Roe’s ‘Focus Professionalism and Dealing with Downswings’ – Course Review (2024)


Focus Professionalism and Dealing with Downswings






Elliot Roe


4 hours

Skill level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro Players



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7 days when bought as part of a subscription to

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Additional Features

WSOP preparation, Mental game courses, Forums, Real-life hand examples, Interactive quizzes, GTO CHARTS plus Tools, regular updates, Live Weekly Coaching


Comprehensive coverage of mental aspects in poker. Expert guidance from a seasoned hypnotherapist. Practical, actionable strategies. Focus on crucial aspects like focus and professionalism. Holistic approach addressing lifestyle factors.
Signing up for a PokerCoaching Premium membership gives you access to this course and over 75 other courses for $73.50 in the first month using a discount code: bookon50


High intensity and commitment required. Content can be overwhelming for some. Significant time investment needed. Focuses exclusively on mental game, not poker strategy.

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Elliot Roe’s ‘Focus Professionalism and Dealing with Downswings’ – Course Review (2024)
Elliot Roe’s ‘Focus Professionalism and Dealing with Downswings’ – Course Review (2024)

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $79.00.

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