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Training site thorough review in 2024 – Jonathan Little’s poker training platform

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bookon50 thorough review in 2024 – Jonathan Little’s poker training platform
Cash Game - Top Poker Training Sites For Novice and Intermediate Players
Jonahan's little poker coaching platform covers a massive amount of poker content for all types of players. The profiles of the trainers are really impressive and include names like Matt Affleck, Alex Fitzgerald, Lexy Gavin, Tristan Wade, James Romero, Aram Zobian, Chad Holloway, Ed Miller, Elliot Roe
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Teaching Quality
  • 50% off the first month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
  • World-class Coaches: Learning from pros like Jonathan Little is a rare opportunity
  • Diverse Course Selection: The wide variety of courses ensures something for everyone
  • Active Community: Engaging with fellow poker enthusiasts adds a valuable dimension to your learning
  • Regular Updates: The commitment to keeping the content fresh ensures you're always learning new strategies
  • Pricing: While the quality justifies the cost, it might be on the higher side for some players
  • Some videos have poor audio quality
Updated: January 2024 by Bartek

Do you want to improve your game and win those massive pots?

Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to take you through one of the world’s most renowned poker training sites today.

So, if you’re ready to step up your poker game, check out my thorough review and see if this coaching platform is for you. dashboard


Quick Summary

You will learn: Multi Table Tournaments and Cash Game strategy, Mental Games, Bounty/K.O games, Sit & Go, 6-max, Live Cash Games, Bankroll Management, HUD Setup, WSOP and Famous Turney Preparation, Pro Players Approach, Secrets Behind High Stake Games and much more.

Content: 4+ Masterclasses,1,800+ Interactive Hand Quizzes, 700+ Coaching Classes, 70+ Poker Courses 13 Poker Series, 12 500+ Member Discord Server, GTO charts, Range Analyzer, PKO Bounty Calculator

Recommendation: It is good for all levels of poker players, from newcomers trying to understand the fundamentals to seasoned veterans looking to optimize their gains. To accommodate varied player preferences, this platform provides a range of choices, including cash games, multi-table tournaments (MTTs), sit-and-gos, and more.


Pokercoaching Coaches

Poker Coaching Premium boasts an impressive roster of coaches with unique poker journeys and accomplishments.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable names:

Jonathan Little (USA)

The platform’s leader and the group of individuals collaborate behind the scenes to create the content. Jonathan Little is a well-known figure in the poker world, and his track record is quite impressive.

A quick Google search of Jonathan Little’s poker results will leave you in awe, with $8.8 million in live tournament winnings, $1,126,357 in online earnings, 15 career titles, and a two-time WPT champion.

He started the 2024 year with an impressive win at the 2024 PGT PokerGO Cup in Las Vegas.

He is undoubtedly one of the most successful players in the game.

But what truly sets him apart is his ability to teach. Jonathan’s knack for breaking down complex poker concepts into digestible pieces makes him a great coach.

  • Matt Affleck

Matt affleck

  • Alex Fitzgerald
  • Lexy Gavin

Lexy Gavin

  • Tristan Wade
  • James Romero
  • Aram Zobian

Aram Zobian

  • Chad Holloway
  • Ed Miller
  • Elliot Roe
  • Evan Jarvis
  • Jared Tendler
  • Jonathan Jaffe

The outstanding track records of all those involved in the platform guarantee that their knowledge and information are reliable and valuable.

Training Site Information

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details about what you get when you sign up for

Membership Pricing

The site offers various membership options that suit your commitment level and budget. The good thing is that the pricing hasn’t changed, and in 2024 it’s the same as last year.

Considering the massive increase in inflation, that’s good news for all poker grinders!

Free: The free membership plan has limited resources.

If you opt for the free-for-life plan, you gain access to the following:


  •  Cash Games 8MAX: 100, 150, 200 bbs
  •  Tournament: 20 bbs
  • 12,500+ Member Discord Server

Standard Plan

If you opt for the standard membership plan, you have two payment options:

  1. the monthly plan, which costs $49 per month,
  2. or the annual discount plan, which costs $39 per month.

Once you choose the standard plan, you gain access to the following:

  • 1,800+ Interactive Hand Quizzes
  • New Hand Quizzes Every Week
  • Master the Fundamentals


  • Cash Games 8MAX: 100, 150, 200 bbs
  • Tournament: 20 bbs
  • Tournament: 10, 12, 15, 25 bbs
  • Tournament: 30, 40, 60, 80 bbs
  • ICM – Small Ante
  • ICM – 1 bb Ante
  • HU MTT – Small Ante
  • HU MTT – 1bb Ante
  • 12,500+ Member Discord Server

Pokercoaching Premium Plan

The premium membership plan gives you access to all the site’s resources.

The plan also has two payment options:

  1. For the monthly plan, you will have to pay $147 a month, with code bookon50 you get 50% off the first month PREMIUM subscription.

discount code for pokercoaching: bookon50


2. For the annual discount plan, you will pay $118 a month.

Furthermore, there is a seven-day free trial 🏆 if you want to try out the premium membership plan before deciding to buy it.

The premium membership plan grants you access to the following:

  • 1,800+ Interactive Hand Quizzes
  • 700+ Coaching Classes
  • 70+ Poker Courses
  • 13 Poker Series
  • New Hand Quizzes Every Week
  • New Coaching Classes Every Week
  • Live Weekly Coaching
  • Master the Fundamentals
  • Cash Game Masterclass
  • Tournament Masterclass
  • Advanced Concepts of cash game and tournament games
  • 13-Day Cash Game Challenge
  • 30-Day Tournament Challenge
  • Poker forums
  • GTO CHARTS plus Tools pricing

Purchase their poker courses individually

Pokercoaching also provides the option to purchase their poker courses individually, without the need to subscribe to a monthly plan.

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this option because, from a financial standpoint, it’s generally more cost-effective to opt for a free trial or a monthly subscription (50% off with code: bookon50) and complete the course within that timeframe at a lower cost.

However, if you’re interested in having lifetime or extended access to a course, purchasing it separately might be the better choice.

Poker Courses – cash games, tournaments learning paths

Now, let’s discuss what you get when you become a member.

PokerCoaching boasts an extensive library of content. You’ll find various courses covering various aspects of the game.

Here’s a breakdown:


Master Classes: There are 4 Masterclasses on

  • Tournament Masterclass (includes short stack and final table play, 6-max games, hand ranges, bet sizes, tournament player profiles and many more poker strategy topics)
  • Advanced Tournament Course,
  • Cash Game Masterclass,
  • and Master the Fundamentals.


MTT Courses: 41 MTT (Multi-Table Tournament) courses cover everything from beginner strategies to advanced techniques.

  • They also have two tournament Masterclasses. These are perfect if you are looking to dominate the tournament scene.
  • Cash Game Courses: If cash games are your forte, you’ll have access to 14 courses, equipping you with the skills to crush your opponents in cash game sessions.
  • Spin and Go Course: Spin and go lovers are not left out; this course is a must-have resource if you aim to dominate the fast-paced Spin and Go format.
  • Mindset Courses: features nine mindset courses that are a game-changers, including Elliot Roe’s Mind course. They offer invaluable insights and strategies to boost your mental game, helping you navigate the highs and lows of poker with confidence and resilience.


Tools to move your game to the next level

You also get access to a variety of tools designed to enhance your poker skills, create your learning path, and elevate your game.

  • GTO Tournament Charts
  • GTO Cash Game Charts
  • ICM – Small Ante Charts
  • ICM – 1bb Ante Charts
  • HU MTT – Small Ante Charts
  • HU MTT – 1bb Ante Charts
  • Downloadable Charts
  • Push/Fold Charts
  • Range Analyzer
  • PKO Bounty Calculator

For those who prefer their strategic tools within arm’s reach, especially during live gaming sessions, the training program also includes the Push Fold App.

This application, compatible with both Android and iOS devices (including iPhones and iPads), ensures that you’re equipped with a highly convenient and accessible tool.

Whether you’re on the move or in the heat of play, this app provides instant access to essential strategies, helping you make informed decisions swiftly.


tools of the poker platform


Most poker training programs usually incorporate poker quizzes as a way for you to gauge your grasp of the concepts explained. Nonetheless, finding the incentive to tackle them can be a struggle.

Jonathan Little has ingeniously discovered a compelling incentive for you to invest your time in responding to quizzes. Upon successfully finishing each quiz, you will earn a specific number of points, varying based on your performance.

When you accumulate 200 points, they will be converted into one Star.

These Stars can later be redeemed to acquire bundles of courses.

These quizzes offer a high level of interactivity and detailed explanations for each step, ensuring you gain substantial knowledge from them.


quizzes on pokercoaching


Challenges – premium

While there isn’t any new content in the challenges segment, it is a resourceful tool if you are goal-driven and want to achieve specific results within a particular duration.

Their purpose is to equip you with the essential resources required for pursuing your goals and advancing your career in poker.

Below is a list of popular options:

  • 2023 Cash Game Challenge
  • 5-Day Preflop Challenge
  • 30-Day Cash Game Challenge
  • 14-Day Cash Game Challenge
  • 30-Day Tournament Challenge
  • PokerCoaching Premium Tournament Learning Path
  • PokerCoaching Premium Cash Game Learning Path

Inside every Challenge, instructional videos delve into particular topics related to your intended accomplishment, such as excelling in tournaments or improving your three-betting techniques.

The trainers have divided the lessons into daily modules, ensuring a well-structured learning journey that enhances your capacity to grasp and use knowledge while playing.

Along your journey through these Challenges, you’ll come across quizzes, homework assignments, and webinars that are essential tasks to complete.




Classes – poker coaching review

In the Classes section, you will find multiple lessons encompassing various topics, including strategy and other subjects. These classes are an excellent resource when you’re looking to improve your game but are unsure about the best way to proceed.

You will find an impressive selection of well over 1,000 videos at your disposal. These videos are thoughtfully divided into distinct categories for easy navigation.

  • Multipart series
  • New Classes
  • Tournaments
  • Cash
  • Play and Explain
  • Mental Game
  • Hand History Review
  • Featured Videos
  • Preflop
  • Postflop
  • Exploits
  • Adjustments

 Plus many more interesting classes.




This poker school releases a fresh homework task for its members every month, deliberately making them challenging to complete.

A typical homework task often portrays a preflop situation, and you must respond from the opening of the hand to the final round.

The forum encourages everyone to post their answers and proposed ranges, fostering a collaborative environment for strategy discussions.

Subsequently, Jonathan Little delivers his thorough assessment, providing extensive insights for every question on the assignment.



Forums of this coaching platform

Pokercoaching boasts a vibrant forum where you can freely share your inquiries and participate in strategy discussions with fellow members.

The platform attracts individuals driven to enhance their poker skills and be successful. Besides the forum, there is a vibrant Discord community with over 12,500 members where you can engage in real-time conversations with fellow members.

User Interface

This poker coaching program is simple to use thanks to its well-designed, user-friendly, and intuitive website. However, certain segments of content material and specific topics could be organized in a better way for easier access. Review Summary

This poker school leaves no stone unturned when it comes to poker teaching.

The stand-out feature that the platform has is that it covers different poker formats and variants with four masterclasses.

It’s not limited to just one aspect of the game; it caters to the needs of players with diverse interests.

Whether you grind tournaments, are a cash game specialist, a Spin and Go fanatic, or a live or online player, you will find valuable content that meets your needs.

The caliber of the coaches is one of the stand-out features of the comprehensive poker coaching school. You’re in excellent hands with Jonathan Little at the helm and a team of skilled experts.

The coaches’ ability to simplify complex concepts and make them comprehensible to poker players of all skill levels is commendable. They’re not just teaching poker but mentoring you to become a better player.


What I Liked About this Poker School

  1. Quality of Instructors: The impressive roster of coaches is the biggest draw here. Not only are they experts, but they are also champions. Their expertise is evident in each course, and they genuinely care about your development.
  2. Interactive Learning: Quizzes and hand history reviews provided on the platform offer a fascinating dimension to the learning process. They assist you in putting what you’ve learned into practice and identifying areas for improvement.
  3. Course Variety: This poker platform offers an extensive range of courses that cover almost every aspect of poker. Whether you’re a tournament, cash games, spin-and-go grinder, or a live or online poker player, Pokercoachingdatcom has got you covered.
  4. Active Community: The forums and community aspect make it feel more like a home than just a training site. It’s a place to interact with fellow poker enthusiasts and like-minded players. You can a lot from other more advanced players
  5. Free Resources: The comprehensive poker training school offers free introductory materials that allow you to get a feel for the site’s content and teaching style before committing to a paid subscription.
  6. Furthermore, Pokercoachingcom has trial periods or money-back guarantees, allowing you to try the platform’s premium content risk-free.


What I Disliked about

Although PokerCoachng shines in various aspects, certain areas could be improved:

  • Pricing: The membership fees, especially the annual Premium plan, are expensive for some players. Nonetheless, the quality of coaching justifies the cost.
  • Course Organization: With such a vast content library, could benefit from an even more structured organization, making navigating easier for members. For instance, there is no list of coaches on the platform; you must manually search for the coaches and other materials.
  • Overwhelming Amount of Content: While there is a wealth of comprehensive content, the sheer amount of content can be overwhelming to digest. There are over 500 videos that can be confusing and discouraging for some new players. But it all depends on how much time you can commit and how motivated you are.


Quality Assessment – review

When writing review, I considered various metrics to assess its quality:

  • Number of Courses: It boasts an impressive catalog with a course for nearly every facet of poker.
  • Trainers’ Profiles: The coaches, including Jonathan Little, Elliot Roe, Evan Jarvis, among others, are top-tier professionals with extensive background and expertise.
  • Content Updates: The regular updates and new content additions ensure the site remains relevant and up-to-date. 
  • Community Engagement: The active forums and large member base showcase a thriving community of poker enthusiasts.
  • Clarity and Originality: The content is presented clearly, and the unique approach to teaching poker sets it apart from competitors.


  • Experienced and well-known instructors
  • Diverse course selection
  • Regular content updates
  • An active and engaged community
  • Clear presentation of material
  • Original and innovative strategies



  • While the content is high-quality, the subscription cost is very high
  • Some users may find that the advanced courses assume a relatively high baseline skill level

Recommendation – who should sign up for this training?

It’s suitable for poker players of all levels, from beginners looking to grasp the basics to seasoned pros aiming to maximize their winnings.

This platform offers a variety of options, including cash games, multi-table tournaments (MTTs), and sit-and-gos, catering to different player preferences.

Although the platform has its demerits, its pros outweigh the cons.

If you are committed to taking your game to the next level, signing up for a poker school is a must and pokercoachingcom is one of the best poker teaching platforms on the internet today.

Specification: thorough review in 2024 – Jonathan Little’s poker training platform



Training website


4+ Masterclasses,1,800+ Interactive Hand Quizzes, 700+ Coaching Classes, 70+ Poker Courses 13 Poker Series, 12 500+ Member Discord Server, GTO charts, Range Analyzer, PKO Bounty Calculator


Jonathan Little, Matt Affleck, Alex Fitzgerald, Lexy Gavin, Tristan Wade, James Romero, Aram Zobian, Chad Holloway, Ed Miller, Elliot Roe, Evan Jarvis, Jared Tendler, Jonathan Jaffe


4+ Masterclasses,1,800+ Interactive Hand Quizzes, 700+ Coaching Classes, 70+ Poker Courses 13 Poker Series, 12 500+ Member Discord Server, GTO charts, Range Analyzer, PKO Bounty Calculator

Skill Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Pro Players


$0 (Limited Access), $49 (Standard), $149 (Premium)

Free Trial

7 days

Access Duration

Subscription based

Content Format

Video lessons, Webinars, Quizzes, Homework, Challenges, Articles





Payment Methods

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium

Additional Features

WSOP preparation, Mental game courses, Forums, Real-life hand examples, Interactive quizzes, GTO CHARTS plus Tools, regular updates, Live Weekly Coaching


World-class Coaches
Diverse Course Selection
Active Community
Regular Updates
User Friendly


Audio quality in some videos

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