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The Power of Fedor Holz: a New 2024 PokerCode Review

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Content Quality
Content Quantity
Content Uniqueness
Teaching Quality
  • Learning from established pros with impressive track records
  • $100,000,000 + won by Coaches
  • 8+ Live Coachings every month
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface resembling popular streaming platforms.
  • Live play sessions provide practical insights into applying strategies.
  • Engaging community on Discord for discussions and support.
  • Rangeviewer tool adds an analytical edge to preflop play.
  • Interactive Quizzes
  • Structured Curriculum
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Free plan
  • The subscription-based model may be cost-prohibitive for some players.
  • It's not the best choice for total beginners; it assumes a certain level of poker knowledge.
  • Inconsistent Updates: A more regular infusion of fresh content would be beneficial.
  • Limited Game Variety

As a passionate poker player, pursuing success in poker is a never-ending journey.

One platform stands out in this vast landscape of poker training sites: PokerCode. Join me today as I review PokerCode, a comprehensive poker training school that lives up to its hype.

Quick Summary

You will learn:
Advanced Game Theory Optimal (GTO) Strategies. Range Analysis and Construction. Mental Game and Psychological Aspects; Bankroll Management; Tournament vs. Cash Game Tactics. In-Depth Hand Reviews and Analysis

Content: Fedor Holz’s Tournament Strategy Masterclass, Steffen Sontheimer’s Cash Game Strategy Course, Collection of Over 500 Advanced Coaching Videos, Monthly Series of 7+ Live Strategy Sessions, Extensive Library of 500+ Interactive Poker Hand Quizzes, Comprehensive Range Analysis Tool with Over 200 Pre-Defined Ranges Membership to an Exclusive 9000+ Member Poker Community on Discord

Recommendation: For serious poker players looking to advance their poker skills, Pokercode is undoubtedly worth the investment. The subscription cost may be expensive for some players, but the wealth of knowledge, live coaching sessions, and community support make it a valuable asset for ambitious players.

Pokercode is an excellent resource for all levels of poker enthusiasts, except for total beginners.



PokerCode Review , dashboard



PokerCode Coaches


The coaches who turn raw talent into refined skill are at the heart of any reputable poker training site. PokerCode boasts a roster of renowned coaches, each successful in their respective fields.


Fedor Holz

The man behind the platform has amassed over  $40 million, making him the top earner on Germany’s all-time money list. Holz has some significant achievements in the relatively short span of his poker career. He has won two WSOP bracelets and two WPT Higher Roller events.


fedor holz PokerCode Review


Matthias Eibinger

Matthias Eibinger is another excellent addition to the PokerCode coaching team. Mathias Ebinger is a professional Austrian poker player. He has an impressive $17,844,842 Total Live Earnings.

Matthias Eibinger poker code review


Steffen Sontheimer

Sontheimer is a key figure at Pokercode, where he contributes as a cash game coach. His role involves developing content and coaching for the platform, helping others learn and improve their skills in cash games.

Steffen Sontheimer, a renowned figure in the poker world, is known for his significant accomplishments in high-stakes tournaments and his expertise in cash games. With over $13 million in tournament winnings, he made a name for himself in the live high stakes tournament circuit.

Sontheimer gained widespread recognition, especially after his remarkable performance in the Poker Masters in 2017, where he won the inaugural event and secured the coveted purple jacket.

Other PokerCode Coaches

  • Simon: A strategic thinker with a keen eye for detail, Simon brings a methodical approach to poker coaching.
  • Steffen: Known for his dynamic playstyle, Steffen combines theory and practice seamlessly. His experience in high-stakes games offers invaluable insights to aspiring poker pros.
  • Manuel (Phemo): With a nickname ‘Phemo’, Manuel is a force at the poker table. His creative strategies and unconventional plays provide a fresh perspective to the game, making his coaching sessions uniquely insightful.
  • Curtis: Curtis’s coaching style is focused on mental resilience and decision-making under pressure. He emphasizes the psychological aspects of poker, helping players maintain composure in critical moments.
  • Grzegorz (MammothTheGr8): Grzegorz, also known as MammothTheGr8, is renowned for his aggressive play and adaptability. His ability to read opponents and situations adds a dynamic element to his coaching.
  • Tobias (Tobsen): Tobias, or Tobsen, is a tactical genius, known for his meticulous game planning and execution. His coaching sessions are rich with strategies on how to outmaneuver opponents.
  • Alex Morgan: Alex brings a blend of enthusiasm and expertise to his coaching. His passion for the game is infectious, and he has a knack for making complex concepts accessible to players of all levels.
  • Stephen Baker: Stephen’s extensive experience in both online and live poker arenas gives him a well-rounded approach to coaching. His pragmatic advice is particularly beneficial for players looking to transition between different formats of the game.
  • Elliot: Elliot’s coaching philosophy centers around continuous improvement and adaptability. He encourages players to evolve their game constantly, focusing on long-term growth and success in the ever-changing landscape of poker.


Training Site Information

Alright, fellow poker enthusiasts, it’s time to peek into the treasure trove that is PokerCode and discover the gems it offers to elevate your game!


Membership Cost

In my opinion, one of the most important aspects, especially if the cards haven’t been favoring you recently, is the cost of membership.

PokerCode operates on a subscription-based model, offering various pricing plans.

Quarterly: The quarterly plan is EUR 119 per month and is billed as one payment of EUR 357.

Yearly: The yearly plan is EUR 59 per month and is billed as one payment of £699.

If you opt for the above membership plans, you will enjoy the following:

  • MTT Masterclass led by the renowned Fedor Holz
  • In-depth Cash Game Masterclass with S. Sontheimer
  • A variety of topic-specific coaching videos for targeted learning
  • Engage in Fedor’s unique 7-Day Email Challenge for immersive skill-building
  • and more

Live Coaching Sessions

  • Join in for live weekly coaching sessions
  • Stay updated with new coaching videos released every week
  • Benefit from free access to monthly live coaching sessions for continuous learning
  • Interactive Quizzes and Challenges
  • Test your skills with over 22 interactive quizzes
  • Dive into specific lecture quizzes for focused learning
  • Challenge yourself with more than 500 hand quizzes available in Discord
  • Keep your game sharp with a new hand quiz released every week

Discord Community

  • Gain access to an expansive Discord server with over 8500 members
  • Explore exclusive areas within the Team Pokercode community
  • Enjoy direct access to your coaches for personalized guidance
  • Take advantage of partner discounts for tools like GTOWizard and HRC


You can also make a one-time purchase of EUR 1299 for the Masterclass Fedor Holz.

However, in my view this option might not seem as advantageous, considering it grants access to only half of the features offered by the full monthly membership.


PokerCode Review , pricing


Free Plan

PokerCode has a free plan with limited options, allowing you to explore the platform before committing. In the free trial plan, players can access certain sections of the courses offered on the platform. If you are a novice player then you should probably start with this plan.

MTT Masterclass (Free Plan)

  • Getting Started


PokerCode Review , free trial

  • Preflop Fundamentals


Pokercode cash game poker course ( Free Plan)

General Concepts

  • Introduction
  • General Approach

Steffen’s Cash Game Challenge (Free Plan)

You get one Challenge for 5 days straight, where you will learn about Preflop Play, Flop Play, and Steffen’s general approach to every Poker spot.

  • Day 1-Raising First in (1)
  • Day 2-Raising First in (2)
  • Day 3-The Flop Aggressor(1)
  • Day 4-My 3 Questions
  • Day 5-The Flop as Aggresor (2)


  • LivePlays-Extra(Zoom)
  • How to Use GTO Wizard

MTT Coachings (Free plan)

  • General Concepts


  • How to become a SCOOP Main Event Champion

Study and Mindset

  • Study and mindset
  • Tutorials
  • Fedor’s Daily Series

Other Free Perks

  • Fedor’s 7-Day Email Challenge Premium Plan – Unlock the Full Potential!

When you pay for premium membership, you will have access to all the courses in the free plan and the following:

Pokercode mtt masterclass (Premium Plan)

Preflop Mastery

Getting Started Preflop: You will be taken through the essentials of kicking off your game right. You delve into selecting the best-starting hands, understanding how the table’s dynamics can work in your favor, and setting yourself up for profitable post-flop scenarios.

How to Defend the Blinds: you will learn how to turn a typically weak position into a stronghold. You’ll see strategies to defend your blinds with finesse, balance your ranges, and snatch profit opportunities even from a defensive stance.

Playing in Position: Here, you’ll master the art of position. You will be guided on how to use your table position to extract maximum value, control the pot, and make more informed decisions.

Facing 3bets: This section is all about tackling the complexities of 3bets. I’ll help you understand when to call, fold, or 4bet, and how to tailor your strategy to your opponent’s habits and the size of the stack.

Additional Preflop Tactics: You will also dive into the more nuanced aspects of preflop play, discussing effective stack management, adapting to the table’s dynamics, and exploiting your opponents’ tendencies.

Postflop Strategy Unleashed

The Flop: The coach breaks down the critical decisions on the flop. You’ll learn how to assess the texture, make effective continuation bets, and play your range based on the board and types of opponents.

The Turn: You will unravel the turn’s complexities together. And understand how to continue the narrative from the flop, how to interpret changes in the board structure and make game-defining decisions.

The River: This is where the real profit comes from. Perfecting your river play is crucial, and Poker-code guides you through it. Learn the art of final decision-making, when to value bet or bluff, and how to read the completed board to maximize gains or minimize losses.

3bet Pots: take a deep dive into playing 3bet pots. From continuation betting strategies to adjusting against different types of opponents, you’ll get the full scoop.

Blind Vs. Blind Battles: You will find out how to gain the upper hand in blind vs. blind confrontations, understanding the unique dynamics and strategic adjustments needed.

Multiway Pot Dynamics: Tackling the complexity of multiway pots can be challenging, but you will navigate these together with PokerCode coaches, learning to adjust your play for these intricate situations.

Additional Postflop Insights: We’re not stopping there – I’ll also introduce you to more advanced concepts like exploiting opponent leaks, advanced hand reading, and handling tricky situations


Start Crushing Now – Pokercode course

ICM Essentials: Get ready to master Independent Chip Modeling (ICM). This isn’t just theory; it’s about practical application in real-game situations. Learn to adjust your strategy based on the prize pool, player count, and your chip stack. This is about playing the situation, not just the cards!

Live Game Tactics: Step into the electrifying world of live poker. This segment teaches you more than just card play; it’s about reading the room, mastering non-verbal cues, and spotting those subtle tells. Gain a competitive edge in live tournaments and cash games with PokerCode’s expert insights.

Off the Tables Strategy: Discover the importance of what happens away from the table. Focusing on mental strength, bankroll management, and life balance, this section bridges the gap between poker skills and lifestyle, offering strategies to manage downswings and maintain a healthy poker-life balance.

Practical Play: Here, theory meets practice. Engage in hand-by-hand analysis and interactive scenarios, where you apply your learning in real-game settings. It’s like having a pro guiding your every move, sharpening your decision-making skills.


Simon’s Toy Games – poker strategy

  • STG-Intro
  • Facing 3bets from the BB
  • Facing 3bets from the BTN
  • Squeezed Spots
  • Practical Hands
  • and more


Cash Game Course (Premium Plan)

General concepts

  • Building Your Wardrobe
  • Structuring your Range

Preflop Training Ground

  • Raising First In
  • Big Blind Defense
  • Playing Vs. 3bets

Postflop Training Ground

  • The Flop as Aggressor


PokerCode Review , cash course

  • Playing 3bet pots in position
  • Playing 3bet pots out of position
  • Facing Cbet OOP
  • Probing as a BB defender
  • Blind Vs. Blind
  • Exploits and Special Lines
  • Playing 4bet Pots

Addons (Premium Plan)

The Addons part is the last cash game course section.

  • Toy Games
  • Reviews
  • LivePlays-Extra
  • Exercises

MTT Coachings (Premium Plan)

In-Depth Concepts

  • Poker Concepts
  • Curtis Deep Dive
  • Bounty-KO
  • Multiway play
  • Exploits


  • Final Table Reviews
  • High Stakes games
  • Low Stakes games

Live Poker

  • Live Poker
  • Live Plays and strategy
  • Play Explains
  • and more

Study and Mindset

  • Curtis’ Quiz Night


Quizzes – PokerCode Review

Quizzes on the PokerCode Training Platform transform learning into an engaging experience.

These interactive assessments, seamlessly integrated into the curriculum, are invaluable tools for honing strategic skills. As you will navigate hands-on scenarios, quizzes provide real-time feedback, fostering a dynamic learning environment.


PokerCode Review , quizes


Pokercode Rangeviewer Tool

The RangeViewer is invaluable alongside video lessons and coaching sessions upon achieving full membership.

This tool significantly enhances your learning experience. Build your comprehensive strategy range effortlessly with this simple yet highly effective tool, accommodating stack depths of between 30 and 100 big blinds. Offering a visual representation of hand ranges, enables you to comprehend optimal decision-making in diverse scenarios.


PokerCode Review , range viewr


Weekly Live Coaching Sessions – Including Holz and Eibinger

Joining PokerCode goes beyond a typical poker course.

In addition to the core content, members enjoy exclusive access to eight live coaching sessions every month, led by Fedor and other experienced coaches.

Unlike traditional courses with pre-recorded videos, you can actively engage with your coaches, asking questions and participating in discussions here.

PokerCode emphasizes active learning, encouraging members to participate rather than passively consume content.

The live sessions offer a unique opportunity to maximize the value of your investment. Quizzes are often incorporated, allowing you to test your knowledge and compete with fellow students—though participation is optional, it adds an extra layer of fun and challenge.

While being well-prepared for each lesson is recommended, flexibility is allowed.

You can choose to opt-out anytime, but slacking off is discouraged. If you miss a live session, don’t worry; you can catch up by watching the recordings.

With new lessons released weekly, a continuous stream of valuable insights keeps you engaged and learning.


PokerCode Review , Steffens coaching

Interface Review

I find the platform simple and user-friendly, with well-organized sections and an intuitive design.

Video quality is excellent, and the quizzes enhance the interactive learning experience. Navigating through the content is seamless.


Customer Support

PokerCode Customer Support delivers an exceptional experience, blending expertise with a friendly touch. Everything you need to know about Pokercode Membership and their offering: If you have any other questions, difficulties, or feedback, contact [email protected].

Furthermore, you can also choose the most direct & user-friendly way to reach their support team through the Team Pokercode Discord channel:

What is Pokercode Grindhouse?

Imagine a place where poker isn’t just a game, but a lifestyle.

This isn’t your average training program; it’s a whole new level of immersion.

“The Grindhouse was designed and organized by PokerCode for selected members as an immersive poker training experience.”

The primary goal was to significantly improve the poker skills of the participants through intensive coaching, collaboration, and practice The Grindhouse is like a boot camp for poker players.

We’re talking about living in the same house, breathing, and dreaming poker with some of the sharpest minds in the game.

You get to be part of a community that’s all about pushing each other to the limits and beyond.

What really blows my mind is the level of personal attention and coaching from Fedor and other coaches. These aren’t just generic tips and strategies; they’re tailor-made to help you bulldoze through your specific sticking points. And the coaches… they’re not just teachers; they’re like mentors who’ve been through the trenches and know exactly what it takes to win.

The best part?

The atmosphere.

It’s this charged environment where every hand you play, every strategy you discuss, you can feel yourself leveling up. And it’s not just about the grind; there’s this camaraderie, this sense of belonging to a tribe of players all hungry for success.

The negative is that only a small number of PokerCode members get lucky to be part of Grindhouse.

Summary of Pokercode Platform

PokerCode stands out as a premier poker school, primarily focusing on multi-table tournaments and cash games, catering to players of varying skill levels.

A combination of high-quality content, regular live coaching sessions, and an active poker community enriches the learning experience at PokerCode.

Fedor Holz’s unique adaptations to GTO strategy bring added value, while the emphasis on mindset further distinguishes PokerCode from its competitors. 

A distinctive aspect of PokerCode is its commitment to community and mentorship. Users can access a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration and shared learning experiences. 

The user-friendly interface adds to the overall positive experience, making it easy for players to navigate the content seamlessly. If you are an experienced player seeking advanced strategy, PokerCode provides a comprehensive and engaging platform for poker enthusiasts.



PokerCode impressed me with its high-quality content, experienced coaches, and interactive features like live coaching and community engagement. The emphasis on advanced strategies may be overwhelming for beginners, but serious players seeking to climb the ranks will find immense value in the platform.

What did I like about Training site?


Holz’s Personal Touch: Fedor Holz’s insights and adaptations provide a personalized touch, making you feel like you have a poker mentor.

Comprehensive Curriculum: The course covers various topics, from fundamental strategies to advanced considerations like live game dynamics and ICM.

Interactive Quizzes: The quizzes at the end of each section ensure active engagement and help reinforce learning.

Free Plan: Before opting for a paid subscription, you can explore the poker training school through complimentary introductory materials, gaining insights into the site’s content and instructional methods.

Refund Guarantee: PokerCode offers a reassuring 14-day refund policy, embodying confidence in their product. This customer-friendly approach reflects their commitment to satisfaction, ensuring players feel secure in their investment.


What Could Be Improved

High Cost: The monthly cost may deter budget-conscious players, especially those in small stakes.

Not beginner-friendly: The course assumes a certain level of poker knowledge, making it less suitable for beginners.

Multi-Language Support: The training site should expand language support to cater to an international user base. Translate tutorials and instructional content into multiple languages.

Mobile App Integration: Develop a dedicated mobile application for on-the-go training. Ensure seamless synchronization of progress between the desktop and mobile versions.


Quality Assessment

When evaluating, I considered various metrics to assess its quality:

Trainers’ Profiles: The coaching team consists of renowned players such as Fedor Holz, Matthias Eibinger, and Simon Rønnow, providing valuable insights and personal experiences.

Content Updates: The course has 30+ hours of community coaching, indicating a commitment to continuous improvement and updates.

Community Engagement: Pokercode emphasizes the importance of community with features like weekly live coaching sessions and an exclusive Pokercode community, fostering interaction and discussion among members.

Clarity and Originality: The course is presented clearly and engagingly, incorporating quizzes to reinforce learning. Fedor Holz’s adaptations to the GTO strategy add a unique and valuable perspective to the content.


My Recommendation – Is Worth It?

My journey with PokerCode has been a fascinating one, largely thanks to its user-friendly interface and engaging learning experience. As soon as I logged in, I was greeted by a sleek, modern dashboard that made navigating through the courses a breeze.

The videos load quickly and are of high quality, which is crucial for a seamless learning experience.

“What sets PokerCode apart is its interactive elements.”

The quizzes at the end of each lesson not only reinforce learning but also make the process fun and engaging. Moreover, the platform’s integration of the RangeViewer tool directly into the lessons allows for an immersive learning experience, where theory is immediately put into practice.

The platform also excels in providing a personalized learning journey. Progress tracking is straightforward, and the ability to bookmark certain videos for later review is incredibly helpful. Overall, the user experience at PokerCode is thoughtfully designed, keeping both the intermediate and the seasoned player in mind, ensuring that learning is not just informative but also enjoyable.

When placing PokerCode alongside its contemporaries, several unique aspects come to light.

Compared to other popular platforms like Pokercoaching or Run It Once, PokerCode stands out for its focus on a community-driven learning experience.

While others provide top-notch content, PokerCode adds a layer of personal interaction with its live coaching sessions, active Discord community, and Grindhouse.

In terms of content, while many platforms offer a broad spectrum of poker training, PokerCode’s curriculum, especially in GTO strategies and mental game coaching, is particularly in-depth. The presence of high-caliber coaches like Fedor Holz and Steffen Sontheimer also adds a level of prestige and expert insights that some other platforms may lack.

In summary, while other platforms are excellent in their rights, PokerCode’s blend of community, elite coaching, and a focus on advanced strategies positions it uniquely in the market, making it an ideal choice for players who are serious about elevating their game to a professional level.


“Fedor is like an older brother that I look up to.
I learned a lot from him about poker, but even more about life.”
“The impact of the community is huge. It’s just amazing that we have direct access to the knowledge of Fedor, Matthias, and Steffen.”
Alexander Shelukin POKERCODE MEMBER



What is PokerCode?

PokerCode is an online training platform offering comprehensive poker education, featuring video lessons, strategy guides, and interactive learning tools.

Is PokerCode suitable for beginners?

Yes, but not for total beginners.

Can I try PokerCode for free?

PokerCode offers a free trial (14 days money back guarantee period) and a limited free Plan option.

How do I access the courses?

Courses are accessible online through the PokerCode website, and users can view them on any device with an internet connection.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. Please refer to PokerCode’s cancellation policy for details.

How often is new content added?

PokerCode regularly updates its course material and adds new content every month.

Specification: The Power of Fedor Holz: a New 2024 PokerCode Review


Poker Code


Training website


Fedor Holz, Matthias Eibinger, Steffen Sontheimer, Manuel (Phemo),Alex Morgan,Tobias (Tobsen), Grzegorz (MammothTheGr8)


MTT Masterclass by Fedor Holz, Cash Game Masterclass by Steffen Sontheimer, Over 500 Premium Coaching Videos, 7+ Monthly Live Coachings, Over 500 Interactive Hand Quizzes, Full access to the Rangeviewer with 200+ ranges, Access to 9000+ Member Discord Server

Skill Level

Amateur, Intermediate, Advanced


EUR 59/month

Free Trial

14 days money back guarantee

Access Duration

One month – subscription based




Email ([email protected]), discord (

Payment Methods


Additional Features

Community Access, Live Coaching Sessions, Hand History Reviews, Interactive Quizzes, Range Viewer Tool, Database Analysis, Forums, Video Content Library


Learning from established pros with impressive track records
$100,000,000 + won by Coaches
8+ Live Coachings every month
Intuitive and user-friendly interface resembling popular streaming platforms.
Live play sessions provide practical insights into applying strategies.
Engaging community on Discord for discussions and support.
Rangeviewer tool adds an analytical edge to preflop play.
Interactive Quizzes
Structured Curriculum
14-day money-back guarantee
Free trial


The subscription-based model may be cost-prohibitive for some players.
It's not the best choice for total beginners; it assumes a certain level of poker knowledge.
Inconsistent Updates: A more regular infusion of fresh content would be beneficial.
Limited Game Variety

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The Power of Fedor Holz: a New 2024 PokerCode Review
The Power of Fedor Holz: a New 2024 PokerCode Review

Original price was: $119.00.Current price is: $59.00.

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