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Sit’ n Go Strategy – Collin Moshman

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Sit ‘n Go Strategy is an excellent read for poker players.

Collin Moshman is a well-known poker player and author of some of the most popular poker books. 

He has written several poker strategy books, including:

  • “Sit & Go Strategy,” 

  • “Heads-Up No-Limit Hold’em” 

  • “The Math of Hold ’em.” 

Collin makes poker videos for Cardrunners. He has coached numerous players using his math-based method. He likes to play many different poker variations.

Let’s look at his book on sng – “Sit & Go Strategy”

The book starts with an introduction to Sit & Gos and their structure. 

Collin gives tips on choosing the suitable game for you and on bankroll management rules that you should follow.

The rest of the book is divided into three parts: 

  1. early stage, 

  2. middle stage, 

  3. and late stage.

Each part contains several chapters covering different topics related to that particular game stage. 

1. In the early stage, there are chapters on:

  • hand selection,
  • playing short-handed
  • playing blinds.

2. The middle stage includes:

  • playing after flops,
  • playing against shoves
  • playing against all-ins.

3. And in the late stage you will learn:

  • heads-up play,
  • bubble play
  • and final table play.

Shifting strategy for online SNGs.

Most books concentrate on single strategy techniques for poker games. However, this book presents a shifting strategy for online SNGs.

It discusses when mixing the strategy, stack and blind size are more important than EV. 

The strategy presented in the book seems tight early, selective stealing in the mid-stages and very aggressive in the late stage!

Does Sit & Go Strategy apply only to NLH?

While this book is about NLH, you can use the fundamental ideas in almost any SNG game. However, please keep in mind that your bet sizing most of the time won’t be much of a threat for limit games.

Is it for turbo Sit & Go? 

The book concentrates more on pre-flop than post-flop play, so it is probably more suitable for faster-structured and short-stacked poker games. 

Nevertheless, if you prefer to play slow-structured games, you will also benefit from reading Sit & Go Strategy.

But is this book helpful for today’s sng games?

This book is still relevant today, especially for the lower stakes. I do not find it outdated.

Many players are way behind the level this book helps you to achieve.

However, before you get it, you should have a good understanding of basic math, probabilities, pot odds, and that sort of things.

8.9Expert Score
Recommendation - who is this book for?
This book should help beginner to intermediate players develop a winning strategy for online small and medium-stakes sng games. If you follow the strategies, you should have no issues crushing the $10 SNGs It is not bedtime reading... you must re-read the complicated concepts and study this like a course.
  • The basic concept will apply to nearly any SNGs
  • Specific for SNGs
  • Well structured
  • Clearly explained
  • Like many other poker strategy books a bit of a dry read

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Sit’ n Go Strategy – Collin Moshman
Sit’ n Go Strategy – Collin Moshman
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