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5.8/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #3 in category Tournaments
I have assessed Tournament Poker Edge based on the below criteria. This is my honest rating of this training site. Feel free to add your ratings at the end of this review.
Content Quality
Content Quantity
Coach Authority
Content Uniqueness
Teaching Quality
  • Affordable pricing
  • In-depth hand analysis (some of the coaches)
  • TPE University's comprehensive course
  • A podcast just about MTTs
  • 200+ articles
  • Some of the information is old and out of touch.
  • The vast bulk of the videos is just hand evaluations.
  • There is no mobile app available.
  • Outdated content.

Everything you need to know about Tournament Poker Edge – Review

Do you want to become a better poker player and win more tournaments? Maybe Tournament Poker Edge (TPE) can help you with it.

This poker MTT training website has plenty to offer everyone, from complete novices to intermediate players. As I write my review, I will reflect on my experience with the course and highlight its most valuable aspects.

Who are the Instructors?

The coaching staff and roster at TPE are pretty good. You won’t find here any world-class poker players, but several of them have won multiple competitions, earned great success, and developed into outstanding coaches.

You may pick a coach that matches your learning preferences and poker-related objectives. Some of the professional coaches available on the TPE platform are listed below. 

  • Tim “ttwist” Kelly

  • Jamie Kerstetter 

  • Jason Smith

  • Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy

  • Christopher “MovesLikeDarvin” Moon

  • Kyle “IGT” O’Neill

  • Daryl “aaaaaaaaa” Jace

  • Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek

  • Matthew “theginger45” Hunt


What’s included in the Membership?

The Poker Tournament Edge is surprisingly affordable for one of the most known MTT training sites.

TPE is one of the most cost-effective online poker training options, with monthly subscriptions starting at just $29.95, and no enrollment fees are required.

 With TPA monthly subscription, you get the following:

  • Access to a video training library that covers various tournament poker subjects, including preflop strategy, post-flop play, and final table methods, among others. Furthermore, a video library can serve as a source of entertainment and inspiration for poker players. Most of the videos focus on hand analysis which can provide valuable information about playing style and strategies.
  • Strategy podcast
  • Access to a community forum to interact with other tournament poker players and share information. The platform is a valuable resource for players of all skill levels, as it provides a place to ask questions, share insights, and learn from more experienced players. 
  • TPE University – includes 14 poker courses
  • 200+ poker articles
  • Access to personalized coaching(you must pay extra for this), where users may work one-on-one with a coach to establish a training regimen unique to their specific needs. The coaches provide customized feedback, guidance, and analysis.


You won’t find another poker podcast as focused on MTT strategy as the Tournament Poker Edge Podcast.

Clayton Fletcher, the show’s host, conducts a roundtable discussion on the theoretical and practical elements of MTT techniques by going through numerous hand histories with a rotating cast of TPE experts and other special guests.

They also talk about the fundamentals of MTT strategy and the latest poker tournament news.

TPE podcast


The TPE forum is one of the many poker discussion boards available, but it stands out for its unique focus on tournament play.

The platform covers a wide range of topics, and TPE organizes to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing amongst poker players into distinct sections, as depicted below:

  • Cash games
  • Poker tactics for multi-table tournaments
  • Streaming video conversations on the GTO Forum
  • Learning resources such as books, programs, and so forth
  • Mental Game
  • Coaching advice
  • Member Tourneys
  • TPE at WSOP
  • Staking
  • and more

tournamentpokeredge foruem - review

TPE University – 14 Courses

The platform offers a thorough training curriculum centered on material unique to MTTs, intending to transform you from an inexperienced player into one who is successful in tournaments. 

TPE has broken down each of the 14 courses into several distinct videos that address a variety of subjects and are taught by several different coaches.

The videos typically run for thirty minutes.

Level 1: Introduction to TPE

It’s the starting point.

These include some of the most popular and essential training videos.

Here you will learn the fundamentals of TPE via a mix of theory, live sweating, and a review of hand histories.

Level 2: The Beginning and Middle Stages

Players in most MTTs give the first stages less attention than the later ones. You may get an edge over your competition if you learn how to beat these levels. The key is to make small gains and avoid putting yourself in tough spots.

Level 3: Late Rounds and Final Tables 

The whole point of playing MTTs is to win the tournament. Learn how to win every time you play to reach the final table.

Level 4: Micro and Low Stakes

If you’re new to the game but like playing on massive fields with plenty of other players, this is the course for you. Get in there and study every strategy you can find for navigating the vast territories and gaining an advantage over the competition to make consistent profits.

Level 5: Medium Stakes

Starting with small buy-ins and working up to medium stakes while keeping an eye on the big prize is a breeze with this program.

Level 6: High Stakes

High-stakes MTT tournament strategy

tpe course list


Course: “3 and 4 Betting and Bet Sizing”

Bet sizing techniques. Raising, re-raising, re-re-raising, 3-bet shoving, and cold 4-betting.

Course: “Bankroll Building and Management”

Create and manage your poker bankroll. 

Course: “Hand Reading and Image”

Course: “PSKOs, HyperTurbos, Turbos and Rebuys”

Course: “Live, Heads-up and Mixed Games”

Course: “Math and HUDS”

Course: “Money Bubbles, ICM and Advanced Play”

Course: Electives Course “Pre Flop, Post Flop and Position”

tpa courses

Tournament Poker Edge Overview

Only a few dedicated poker training sites focus on MTT play. It’s something Tournament Poker Edge does, and I must admit, I’ve been happy with their service.

Their articles and videos are helpful to MTT players since that’s what they’ve specialized in from the onset.

Tournament topics, including:

  • three-betting,
  • continuation betting,
  • hand EV charts,
  • post-flop,
  • pre-flop,
  • and position play are just some of the many covered in their videos.

Their current MTT videos are among the best available online, and they often add brand-new ones.

The content includes tournaments and stakes from various online poker rooms

TPE provides a range of outstanding series for various learning methods:

  • replay videos,
  • live videos,
  • and even “Theory” classroom films, which could be the most unique of them.

Furthermore, TPE features over 200 articles covering a wide variety of topics in addition to forums. These articles include strategy, poker site evaluations, bankroll management, and more.

Content Value and Applicability

TPE covers a variety of MTT subjects, including bankroll management, 6-max hyper-strategy, 3-betting, extensive hand analysis, and other important information.

The training site offers knowledge in a simple and easy-to-understand way (in most of the videos).

TPE Interface

The site is simple to browse, and the material is accessible without any technological issues. Although, a mobile application would be a great addition. 

Students and players can view TPE videos on the website using the following:

  • a Flash video player,
  • a downloaded WMV file,
  • an iPhone/iPod MP4 file.

You may also choose which videos to watch based on the trainer, stakes, subject, and themes.

The filters are practical and straightforward to use. The UI of the filter looks as shown:

tpa videos

Proven track record

TPE is a well-known and reliable poker tournament training site that provides its pupils with a plethora of information and skills thanks to a staff of experienced and accomplished professional poker players as teachers.

The curriculum on the site is extensive and covers a wide range of subjects, from fundamental strategy to expert tournament play.

Many of TPE’s students have won big poker events, cementing the site’s reputation as a top-tier training resource.

Students may easily acquire and remember knowledge because of the site’s user-friendly layout and interactive learning features.

My Recommendation

You should join Tournament Poker Edge if you play tournaments and want to become a better tournament poker player for a small amount of money.

The site provides multiple materials, such as in-depth strategy articles, hand analysis videos, and interactive training sessions with skilled trainers with a lot of experience.

They also have many experienced poker players that often interact to provide tips and review hands.

While it does not have the same degree of detail as other training websites, it does provide a wealth of information that might help a player who has been consistently coming up short in tournaments turn things around.

For those who want to improve their MTT poker abilities and watch mainly hand reviews, TPE is an ok option.

I can recommend it to beginner and intermediate players looking for a cheap poker school but don’t expect anything extraordinary for this price. 

Specification: Tournament Poker Edge


Tournament Poker Edge


Training website




Tim “ttwist” Kelly, Jamie Kerstetter, Jason Smith, Danny “DannyN13” Noseworthy, Christopher “MovesLikeDarvin” Moon, Kyle “IGT” O’Neill, “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek, Matthew “theginger45” Hunt.


Videos, 14 Courses, forum, podcast, 200 articles

Skill Level

Beginner and intermediate players.


$29 per month, subscription based

Free Trial


Access Duration

One month for $29, cancel anytime

Content Format

Videos, articles and podcasts





Payment Methods

Credit Card

Additional Features

Forum, podcast


Affordable pricing.
In-depth hand analysis (most of the coaches).
TPE University's comprehensive course.
A podcast just about MTTs.
200+ articles.


Some of the information is old and out of touch.
The vast bulk of the videos is just hand evaluations.
There is no mobile app available.
Outdated content.

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