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Top Poker Courses and Training Sites in 2024 – Based On Your Needs

poker courses and training websites

There are many types of poker courses and training sites!

With over 340 poker courses and training websites available on the internet today, choosing the right one can be challenging. Some of these training options aren’t great, and some could even negatively affect your poker game.

A variety of courses and training sites exist, ranging from all-around training platforms covering every aspect of poker (rules, bankroll management, strategy, etc.) to specific courses focusing on one aspect of this complex game (MTT, PLO, Texas Hold’em, Cash games, etc.).

Choosing the appropriate coaching option is crucial.

There’s no point in wasting your money on an advanced course if you’re a beginner, and it’s pointless to join a poker training website that hasn’t been updated since Daniel Negreanu won his first WSOP bracelet.

But don’t worry!

I’m here to help you find poker coaching tailored to your needs and experience.

With over 10 years of experience as a semi-pro poker player and blogger, I have completed and thoroughly reviewed multiple courses and poker schools.

In case you don’t have time to read the whole article, here’s a table summarizing the top courses and training sites based on your needs.

(Note: All the training options mentioned in this post are about the most popular form of poker, Texas Hold’em, unless stated otherwise.)



Best For Course Training Site
Tournament Beginners Master The Fundamentals PokerCoaching
Tournament Intermediate Tournament Masterclass by Jonathan Little PokerCoaching
Tournament Advanced Expert Tournament Masterclass – RYE Advanced Poker Training
Cash Game Beginners BlackRain79 Elite Poker University PokerCode
Cash Game Intermediate Online Cash Apprentice PokerCode
Cash Game Advanced Cash Game Masterclass by Jonathan Little
Live Cash Games Mastering Live Cash N/A
SNG Players Crush 6 Max Hyper Turbo SnG N/A
All-around Strategy Daniel Negreanu Masterclass PokerCoaching
Mindset Focus, Professionalism and Downswings by Elliot Roe
Bounty Bounty Hunter Course N/A
HUD Master The HUD by Alex Fitzgerald N/A
Free all-around Master the Fundamentals 888 poker
*To make sure you get the most suitable course, read the full reviews and use the compare options (where available).

How to choose the best poker course or training site for me?

Before you decide to get a course or subscribe to a training site, ask yourself three questions:

  1. What is my skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?
  2. Which part of this complex game do I want to improve (Tournaments, Ring Games, Sit and Go, Live-Games, Mindset, Game Theory Optimal, Omaha, etc.)?
  3. Do I want a poker course or training website access? To help you answer this question I created a comparison table for both options:


The main differences between a poker course and a training site.

  Poker Course Training Site
Payment One time payment Subscription-based
Trainer One trainer Multiple trainers
Community No poker community Access to a poker community
Price Cheaper More expensive – in long-term
Access Lifetime access Limited monthly access
Tools No tools included (most of the time) Includes Tools (most of the time)
Content Shorter and mainly one topic related, for example, mental games, live MTT strategy Covers a broader spectrum of topics, catering to both beginners and advanced players with diverse content
Updates Usually static, with updates occurring less frequently Regularly updates content to reflect changes in the poker landscape, strategies, and technologies
Structure of Learning Typically follows a structured curriculum, guiding users through lessons in a predetermined order Offers a more flexible approach, allowing users to choose specific topics or modules based on their preferences
*The above can differ, depending on the course and site, but generally, these are the most common differences between a training website and a poker class.


Once you have the answers to the above questions, use the below categories to choose the best poker training for you.

In each category (where possible), I have selected the best course and the best training site according to the skill level (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

*The list will be regularly updated as there are new poker training programs appearing, and older training materials get updated

Uncover the perfect POKER COURSE crafted for your skill level and interests right here.


Discover the optimal TRAINING WEBSITE tailored to your skill level and interests right here



Poker Coaching History

Before the internet, people like us learned poker by chatting with other players and reading poker books.

Then 1998, Planet Poker came along, kicking off online poker.

Between 2001 and 2005, online poker took off, leading to the birth of poker blogs and forums.

As online poker became popular, a new trend started—personalized online poker coaching. Regular players, like you and me, began offering one-on-one training sessions, connecting seasoned pros with players eager to improve.

After that, things expanded even more with online poker courses and training websites, making good education accessible to players at every level.

From secret talks in the early days to the digital age of online poker rooms, coaching, and courses, our journey shows tech progress and our lasting passion to keep getting better at poker.

How do you get the most from your poker coaching?

If you have already decided to subscribe to poker training, I can tell you that this is the easiest part of your learning process.

At the beginning of my poker career, I used to subscribe to many poker schools and after watching a few videos I forgot all about it.

Today, I know that purchasing a course is not enough. You also have to know how to study properly to advance your game.

Here are my pro tips to help you get the most from your poker education

  • Implement the learned knowledge into your game.
  • Take notes.
  • Choose the training site based on your learning style and preferences.
  • Stay focused.
  • Don’t study when you are tired.
  • Avoid skipping classes.
  • Talk to your teacher and ask questions.
  • Make a study plan and follow it.
  • Keep healthy: take care of your mind and body. Eat, sleep and move.
  • Reduce distractions.
  • Don’t overdo it. Dedicate a brief amount of time to each lesson each day rather than learning everything at once in a marathon session. You will learn the material much more thoroughly and retain it for a much longer period of time.
Remember that poker coaching is an ongoing process, and your improvement is a long-term endeavor. By actively participating, staying dedicated to your goals, and applying what you learn, you can get the most out of your poker coaching experience and continue to develop as a player.

3 best MULTI-TABLE TOURNAMENT COURSES – based on your poker knowledge


FREE Beginner MTT Course
Master The Fundamentals
  • Free
  • Covers the most important beginner aspects of Texas Holdem
  • Some intermediate and advanced players can refresh their knowledge
  • Short
  • For small stakes only

Who is it for? If you are a novice player, you don’t know the rules, and haven’t played poker before, then there is no point in buying a poker course.

There is enough free material available to get you going. One of the best places for you to start is the Master The Fundamentals course by Jonathan Little.

Trainer: Jonathan Little, the head coach and owner of one of the biggest training platforms, Besides being a very good poker teacher, Little is also a successful poker player with over $8 million in tournament winnings.

You will learn:

  • The Rules of No-Limit Hold’em
  • Hand Rankings
  • Preflop & Postflop (Turn and River) Strategy
  • Jonathan will help you find answers to the following questions:
  • Which hands to start with?
  • Why to bet?
  • What to do when you get 3-Bet or when there is action before you?
  • How to manage your Bankroll?


tournament masterclass jonathan little
Get 50% off the first-month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
Tournament Masterclass by Jonathan Little
  • Over 30 hours of video content
  • Free access to the course with a premium subscription ($147/month). 50% off the first-month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
  • Detailed
  • 180+ videos + bonus
  • 10-20 minutes easy to watch, short videos
  • Teaches GTO implementation
  • Positional charts
  • Push/fold charts
  • Strategies based on all the possible tournament scenarios
  • Free Trial
  • Long

Who is it for: This tournament course is for Intermediate players who already have a basic understanding of Texas Holdem.

You know the rules and hand rankings; you played a few hands before and ideally participated in a tournament.

The course starts with the basics of Holdem and then moves into more complex strategies. So, at the end of the course, you will no longer be an intermediate player.

Make sure that you watch the course chronologically and move o the next episode after you understand the previous concepts.

Instructor: Jonathan Little

You will learn:

  • How to calculate equity and pot odds
  • Bet sizing
  • How to construct ranges and count-combinations
  • Importance of blockers
  • ICM and risk premiums
  • Pre-flop strategy based on stack size, position, and opponents’ action (43 videos)
  • Flop strategy based on board texture, stack size positions and opponents’ pre-flop and flop actions (52 video lessons)
  • Turn and River strategy for all the possible scenarios you can face in MTT (42 videos)
  • ICM and strategy adjustment based on different game formats (KnockOut, Short-handed, Heads-up, Turbo, Satellites, Re-entry etc.)
  • Bankroll management
  • How to select profitable games
  • Assess the Skills
  • Paying Rake
  • How to make a good deal
  • Backing
  • Body Language and tells
  • Mindset

For Advanced and Pro Players

the tournament masterclass expert level course by raise your edge - best course for pro and advanced mtt players
Expert Tournament Masterclass – RYE
  • Detailed
  • With our code BOPEXP you get $150 OFF
  • Includes poker tools
  • One of the best online MTT players
  • Homework assignments
  • Discord community
  • Ready ranges (regularly updated)
  • MTT players tendencies
  • Regular, free updates
  • Lifetime access
  • 50+ hours of videos
  • 10 days money back guarantee
  • Long videos
  • Expensive

Coach: Benjamin ‘Bencb’ Rolle is one of the best Online Multi-table tournament players. Rolle is part of Team PokerStars Pro, with over $35.5 million in winnings only on one poker platform, PokerStars.

You will learn:

  • The Advanced MTT strategy that Benjamin uses to win tournaments. Starting ranges for various tournaments.
  • Advanced GTO.
  • MTT player tendencies.
  • Pre-flop, post-flop, short stack strategies.
  • Advanced ICM
  • and much more.
Free Trial
Tournament Masterclass by Jonathan Little
$118/mo (includes 70+ other courses)
Free Trial
7 Day Free Trial
30+ hours
Master The Fundamentals by Jonathan Little
Free Trial
3 hours
Expert Tournament Masterclass – RYE
$ 1147 (code BOEXP)
 English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German
Free Trial
10 days money back guarantee
50+ hours of videos,


Beginners & Intermediate coupon
Get 50% off the first-month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
  • 300+ MTT Strategy Quizzes
  • 450+ Live MTT Coaching Classes
  • Tournament-specific discord community
  • 5 Tournament poker tools
  • Live Weekly Coaching
  • Tournament Challenge
  • Active Learning (homework, challenges, etc.)
  • Coaches are World Class Poker Pros ($65 Million in earnings)
  • Free Trial
  • Covers a vast range of topics
  • GTO charts
  • Offers the possibility of getting backed in an MTT
  • 41+ Tournament Poker Courses
  • Some classes lack visual examples
  • Some of the home assignments are too complicated

Who will benefit from the most? Intermediate, novice, break-even, and losing players who want to start winning or move up the stakes. However, if you are a pro player, you will benefit more from the advanced poker course by Raise Your Edge.

Trainers: Jonathan Little, Ryan O’Donnell, Tommy Angelo, Paul Beitelspacher, Brock Wilson, Aram Zobian, Louis Philippe, Lee Jones, Jonathan Jaffe, Faraz Jaka, James Romero, Michael Acevedo, Ed Miller, Chad Holloway, Zachary Elwood, Alex Fitzgerald, Matt Affleck and more

What can I expect from this poker school? You get a massive amount of tournament content from world-class MTT players. The content is well-organized and structured. I have to say that this was not the case a few years ago. When I first subscribed to this site, the content was all over the place without a logical structure. Today I can see an improvement in this area. The website is easy to navigate, and the tournament learning path makes the content digestible.

For Advanced

best training site for pro and advanced mtt players
Advanced Poker Training
  • Cheap
  • Train while playing poker
  • Set – up specific MTT situations
  • GTO bots and lifelike opponents
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • MTTs with up to 8000 Virtual Opponents
  • 36 Beat-the-Pro Challenges
  • A mix of theory and practice
  • Detailed session analysis
  • Includes ICM, Odds, Fold/Shove tools, and Weekly Training Plan 
  • The website needs a design refresh
  • Not for Poker Rookies

APT Instructor: Mike Caro,Steve Blay, Alex Fitzgerald, Jonathan Little, Kenna James, David Williams, Ed Miller, Scott Clements, Qui ‘TommyGun’ Nguyen, Scotty Nguyen, Lauren ‘Supermodl’ Klin

What is it? Advanced Poker Training is a live poker training simulator where you play hands and receive real-time feedback. You choose the tournament structure and the type of players you want to play against.

It will help you to:

  • Work on your specific MTT weaknesses. For example, if you have problems exploring loose–agro types of players, you can set up the game work specifically on this area.
  • Make GTO correct decisions.
  • Combine theory and practice.
  • Challenge yourself against other pro players.
  • Simulate virtually any MTT you can imagine

Top 3 CASH GAME TRAINING COURSES – considering your holdem proficiency level


BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Complete best overall course
$100 OFF with ‘bookonpoker100’
BlackRain79 Elite Poker University
  • Easy to absorb
  • Affordable
  • Downloadable cheat sheets
  • Comprehensive
  • Street specific strategy
  • Additionally to cash game strategy covers many other areas of poker (cash, mtt, mental, zoom, etc.)
  • 17+ hours of videos
  • Perfect for Micro and Medium cash game stakes
  • Cash strategies applicable to both live and online games
  • Not for high stake cash games

This is not a specific cash game course, but BlackRain79 is one the most successful micro online cash game players in history, and the tips and strategies he delivers in this course apply to cash games (micro and medium games).

Instructor: Nathan “BlackRain79” Williams is a pro player with some of the microgame’s best online results. He has authored numerous poker books, especially about small-stakes games.

You will learn:

  • Strategies for ring games, 6max, live, and online.
  • Bankroll managememnt.
  • How to manage Tilt and Bankroll.
  • Pro players’ secrets.
  • How to use HUD.
  • Guides to playing semi-pro and full-time pro.
  • Multi Table Tournaments Strategy.
  • Zoom Strategy.

Best for: Poker Rookies, Intermediate, low, and medium stake players. However, not for players that are new to poker and don’t even know the rules. Also, not for professional poker players.

INTERMEDIATE – money game poker training course

online cash apprentice, best course for intermediate players
Get $50 off with our code: BOPCASH 
Online Cash Apprentice
  • Includes regular updates
  • 50+ Low-Mid stakes ranges
  • 11+ Hours Of Content
  • Discord channel access
  • 10 days money-back guarantee
  • Bankroll advice
  • Strategy for 2NL up to 50NL stakes
  • 15 strategy videos
  • The results of the ring game trainers are difficult to verify
  • Ranges designed for 6max games only

Coaches: Tim FaLLout86 – seasoned poker trainer with 8+ years of experience playing professional poker. Tim has 6+ figures in money games profit.

Cold_Smile began playing MTTs in 2012, but he rapidly developed a passion for ring games! Since becoming a professional poker player, the elite  online poker room lobbies are where he spends the majority of his time. You can find Cold Smile at $500NL+ tables.

With this crash course, you will get:

  • Ready cash game strategy
  • Regular updates as the low-mid stakes evolve
  • 3-Bet Only Pre-Flop Strategy
  • Guide to single-raised post-flop pots
  • Strategy to defend your big blind
  • Strategy for 3-bet post-flop pots
  • And more.

ADVANCED – Best Cash Game Class

cash game masterclass by Jonathan little course review
Free with the monthly subscription to
Get 50% off the first-month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
Cash Game Masterclass by Jonathan Little
  • Over 32 hours of content
  • 156 Lessons

  • Strategy for all the possible scenarios you can imagine
  • Many hand examples
  • Quizzes
  • In-depth analysis
  • 10-20 minutes long digestible video format
  • Advanced poker training also for live cash games
  • Solver analysis
  • GTO charts
  • Tools with the subscription option
  • 50% off code: bookon50
  • Not for beginners
  • Requires long studying hours

One of the best poker mentors Jonathan Little will help you to get a poker edge in the most difficult advanced cash games.

This course will help you:

  • Improve your exploitative and GTO play.
  • Make table selection and rake adjustments.
  • Learn how to exploit weaker and amateur opponents.
  • Create your and your opponent’s ranges.
  • Balance your ranges and strategy.
  • Build a strategy for specific board texture.
  • Understand the straddled pots and how to counter them.
  • Select better tables.
  • Manage your bankroll.
  • Take shots outside of your bankroll.
  • and much, much more…


For Novice and Intermediate Players

Cash Game - Top Poker Training Sites For Novice and Intermediate Players
Get 50% off the first-month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
  • Challenges
  • 7+ cash tools
  • Discord cash-specific community
  • 32+ cash homework
  • 214+ cash classes (reviews)
  • Cash game charts
  • GTO charts
  • 80+ cash quizzes
  • There are many more quizzes for multi-table tournaments
  • Limited content for high-stakes players

Teachers: Ed Miller, Jonathan Little, Jonathan Jaffe, Brad Wilson, Lexy Gavin, Evan Jarvis,

In addition to all the cash-related content, you get access to all the other poker topics (MTT, Game Theory Optimal Charts, Mental game, webinar, hand reviews, WSOP prep, and more).

Access to 14 cash game courses:

  • Beating Loose Live Cash Games
  • How to Beat Wild Games
  • Beating $5/$10 Games
  • Live No-Limit Holdem
  • Live at the Bike 3BET Home Game
  • How to Beat 6-Max
  • Crushing Small Stakes Games
  • Live $1/$2 No Limit  Webinar
  • Combating Limpers Featuring Jonathan Little
  • Live at the Bike with Jonathan Little
  • Advanced 6-Handed Play
  • Information Dominance with Ed Miller
  • The Information Paradigm by Ed Miller
  • Crushing Tough Money Games

For Advanced – Training Platform

pokercode fedor cash game
CASH GAME – best pro poker training site
  • 30+ advanced cash game courses
  • 146 cash video lessons
  • With the subscription, you also get access to MTT content
  • Cash Discord Community
  • Rangeviewer access
  • Cheap (40% off with annual subscription)
  • Option to interact with the trainers directly via Discord
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • No option to buy the courses separately
  • Not for Newcomers

Who is it for? It is best for advanced and experienced intermediate players.

This online poker training site is not for players who are new to this game. You must have some experience to be able to understand the content.

Cash Coach: Steffen Sontheimer – High stakes Player, Poker Masters Purple Jacket Winner with over $13M+ MTT Winnings.

  • Structuring your Range (4 classes)
  • Raising First In (3 lessons)
  • Big Blind Defense (3 lessons)
  • Playing vs. 3bets (1 lesson)
  • The Flop as Aggressor (7 lessons)
  • Playing 3-Bet Pots in position (5 lessons)
  • Playing 3-Bet Pots out of position (8 lessons)
  • Facing a Cbet OOP (7 lessons)
  • Probing as BB defender (2 lessons)
  • Blind vs Blind (17 lessons)
  • Exploits & Special Lines (1 lesson)
  • Playing 4-Bet Pots (2 lessons)
  • Liveplays – Extra (Zoom) (16 lessons)

Top poker training class for LIVE CASH GAME

mastering live cash, lave cash game course
Mastering Live Cash
  • 25+ hours of videos
  • Live play specific
  • Includes Range viewer access
  • Lifetime access
  • Discord community
  • 11 Topics, 47 Videos
  • Comprehensive
  • Easy to understand
  • Not too much math content
  • Not for pro live cash players

Instructors: FaLLout86 – a pro poker player from Germany with over $1 million cash profit and 8+ years of playing and coaching experience.

Mariano5 – live money game expert and coach with over $1 million cash game profit and 15+ years of poker experience.

Best for: Experienced Newcomers and Intermediate Players

You will learn:

  • Opening, Isolating and Overlimping – 5 Videos
  • Flatting/3Betting/4Betting – 7 Videos
  • Playing from the Blinds – 3 Videos
  • Postflop play – 2 Videos
  • Flop Play Single Raised Pots – 8 Videos
  • Flop Play 3B Pots – 3 Videos
  • Turns/River/Bluffing/Draws – 4 Videos
  • Multiway/Limped/Deepstacked/BluffCatching – 3 Videos
  • Hand Examples – 9 Videos
  • Straddled Pots
  • Overbetting

SNG 6 max games poker training COURSE

SNG 6 max Games Poker Training course general ranking
Crush 6 Max Hyper Turbo SnG
  • 25+ hours of poker training videos
  • Specific for 6-max Hyper Sit ‘n Go’s
  • Regular updates
  • Ready to use strategy
  • Includes HUDs for this SNG format
  • Known sit and go trainers
  • Unique
  • Doesn’t cover normal-speed SnGs. However some concepts can be used in other single-table games.
  • Not for players who just started with NLH

Teachers: Bencb & Slayer, two of the most successful 6-max Hyper Sit ‘n Go’s players.


Daniel Negreanu poker masterclass second best course
Texas Holdem Strategy – the best way to learn poker
Daniel Negreanu Poker Masterclass
  • World-class poker pro
  • Daniel’s live game examples
  • Easy to understand
  • Reasonable price
  • Well-organized
  • 122-page guidebook included
  • Thorough – Covers the most crucial elements of poker
  • Membership contains Phil Ivey’s poker course and 180 other courses
  • Negreanu teaches poker fundamentals 
  • Not for advanced

Mentor: One of the best poker players in the world. For anyone familiar with poker, no introduction is needed here. Daniel Negreanu is one of the most victorious and respected pro players. He won the WSOP Player of the Year award twice, 2 two WPT titles, and 6 World Series of Poker titles. Daniel was selected Player of the Decade by GPI and has been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

You will learn:

  • Poker fundamentals (board textures, math, ranges, importance of positions, etc.).
  • Mental game (tells, tilt and bankroll management, table talk).
  • Modifying strategy for MTT and cash games.
  • How to select the right game and take your poker game to the next level.
  • MTT preparation.
  • Tournament strategy.
  • The secrets to winning poker tournaments.
  • Cash game strategy (check/raising, bet sizing, c-betting, bluffing).
  • GTO
  • Live poker tournaments secrets.
  • How to get better at poker.


Cash Game - Top Poker Training Sites For Novice and Intermediate Players
Get 50% off the first-month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
  • World-class Coaches: Learning from the best pro poker like Jonathan Little, and Matt Affleck, is a rare opportunity
  • Big Course Selection: Thanks to the wide variety of courses there is something for everyone
  • Active Community: Engaging with fellow poker enthusiasts adds a valuable dimension to your learning
  • Regular Updates: The commitment to keeping the content fresh ensures you’re always learning new strategies
  • Pricing: could be too expensive for some players
  • Poor audio quality in some classes

Instructor: Jonathan Little, Matt Affleck, Alex Fitzgerald, Lexy Gavin, Tristan Wade, James Romero, Aram Zobian, Chad Holloway, Ed Miller Elliot Roe, Evan Jarvis, Jared Tendler, Jonathan Jaffe

You will learn: Poker Tournament and Cash Game strategy, Live Cash Games, Bankroll Management, HUD Setup, WSOP and Famous Turney Preparation, Mental Games, Bounty/K.O games, Sit & Go, 6-max, Improving your Poker Table Image, Short Deck Poker, Pro Players Approach, Secrets Behind High Stake Games, The importance of choosing the right poker format, the secrets of becoming a successful poker player and much more.

Content: 4+ Masterclasses,1,800+ Interactive Hand Quizzes, 700+ Coaching Classes, 70+ Poker workshops13 Poker Series, 12 500+ Member Discord Server, GTO charts, Range Analyzer, PKO Bounty Calculator

Top MINDSET COURSE – Mental game poker coaching options

focus, professionalism, and downswings by elliot roe - course review
Free with the monthly subscription to
Get 50% off the first-month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
Focus, Professionalism, and Downswings by Elliot Roe
  • Well-known mental coach
  • Most successful players and executives worked with the author on their mental game/state
  • Detailed
  • Provides ready solutions for mindset improvement
  • Included in the monthly subscription
  • A 7-day free trial included in the subscription allows you to get free access to the class (if you manage to complete the course within 7 days)
  • Not interactive
  • Mainly text based

Mentor: Elliot Roe – among the best mind coaches in the poker industry. Elliot worked with many well-known pro players, including WSOP, SCOOP winners, Olympians, and MMA fighters.

You will learn:

  • High stake players’ common mental characteristics
  • Winning poker player mindset.
  • Most common mindset mistakes
  • How to achieve maximum focus
  • Best players diet
  • Pre-game routine
  • How to eliminate distractions
  • and much more


best mindset online poker training website
Free with a premium subscription. Get 50% off the first-month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
  • A large number of mental game content
  • Some of the best psychology coaches
  • A 7-day free trial with the subscription allows you to get free access and complete some of the courses within 7 days
  • Some courses are too short

Available Mindset Courses:

  1. Focus, Professionalism, and Downswings – Elliot Roe 
  2. Dr. Cardner’s Unbeatable Mindset, Dr. Cardner
  3. How I Applied the 5 Pillars
  4. Jared Tendler’s Eliminating Tilt Workshop, Jared Tendler
  5. Peak Performance Mindset by Dr. Cardner
  6. Eliminating Tilt By Jared Tendler
  7. Poker Mindset By Elliot Roe
  8. 5 Pillars of Peak Poker Performance
  9. Top Tournament Tells by Zachary Elwood

You will learn:

  • How to permanently get rid of tilt
  • Mental game secrets
  • How to achieve a peak performance mindset
  • How to focus and always play your “A” game
  • Poker breathing, diet, movement, and rest
  • Tournament Body Language and Tells.

HUD COURSE – Advanced Poker

hud advanced poker training
Free with a premium subscription. Get 50% off the first-month PREMIUM subscription with code: bookon50
  • Well-known HUD trainer
  • Stats for position, player types and game type
  • Includes Ranges
  • Flopzilla overview
  • You will learn how to use statistics to play exploitatively
  • Includes tests
  • A 7-day free trial included in the subscription allows you to get free access to the class (if you manage to complete the course within 7 days)

Instructor: Alex ‘assassinato’ Fitzgerald

You will learn:

  • Using the stats to win more money
  • What various data means
  • The absolute basics (PFR, VPIP, aggression factors etc.)
  • Statistics for specific player types and games
  • Continuation Bet Percentage
  • Fold to Continuation Bet Statistic
  • Check-Raise Statistic
  • and more.

The best FREE poker training

Best free poker course

In the world of poker, much like with many commercial products, the best quality often comes with a price tag. However, for those new to poker or looking to brush up on their skills, there are plenty of free poker training options available. Don’t let a limited budget hold you back from improving your game – explore the wealth of no-cost resources to enhance your poker knowledge and strategy.


master the fundamentals best free poker course overall - course review
Free poker course
Master the Fundamentals
  • Perfect for new Holdem players
  • Free forever
  • Top poker coach
  • Covers the most important Texas Holdem basics
  • Real-World Examples
  • Not for advanced
  • Focuses More on Tournament Play

Tutor: Jonathan Little

Free all-around poker teaching site

888 poker traninig free teaching
888 poker
  • Offered by one of the best poker rooms in the world
  • Good article selection for a free option
  • Covers poker terminology, rules and basic strategy
  • Some of the 888 poker school teachers have YouTube channels with Holdem tips and tricks
  • A perfect option if you have no budget for studying
  • Only basic knowledge
  • Not updated regularly



Should I go for a course or a poker school subscription?

When it comes to boosting your poker skills, I’d usually recommend going for a poker school subscription.

You often get more bang for your buck. But here’s the catch – be honest about how much time you can actually spend studying.

If you can only squeeze in 4-5 hours a month, a poker class might be a better fit financially.

On the other hand, if you’re up for more than 3-4 hours of poker study each week, signing up for a poker teaching site makes a lot more sense.

Usually, a monthly subscription to top poker training sites is around $100, while a popular poker class might cost you about $300. Even though the class seems pricier upfront, think about the value it gives you in the long run.

The top poker training sites offer a bunch more content compared to a single class. Your decision boils down to your own situation:

  • how much time you’ve got for poker study,
  • your goals in poker,
  • and the specific games and skills you want to learn.

Are the online poker training sites and courses also good for live games?

Yes, online poker courses can be beneficial for live poker games as well. While there are some differences between online and live poker, many fundamental poker skills and strategies apply to both formats.

Here’s how online poker courses can help you improve your live poker game:

  • Poker Fundamentals: Online courses often cover essential poker concepts such as hand rankings, pot odds, implied odds, and expected value. These fundamentals are applicable to both online and live poker.
  • Game Theory and Strategy: Many strategic principles, such as position, aggression, and player profiling, are universal in poker and can be learned through online courses.
  • Bankroll Management: Proper bankroll management is crucial for both online and live poker players. Online courses often teach you how to manage your poker bankroll effectively.
  • Psychological Skills: Online courses may also cover psychological aspects of poker, like tilt control, focus, and emotional stability, which are valuable in live games where you can observe and interact with your opponents.
  • Poker Math: Understanding poker math, including odds and probabilities, is essential for both online and live play.
    While there are some differences between online and live poker, such as the speed of play, the ability to read physical tells in live games, and the absence of online-specific tools, the core poker skills you develop through online courses can provide a strong foundation for success in live games

Are poker training sites worth it?

They can really make a difference, but only if you pick the right training site and put in the time and effort to grasp the concepts they’re throwing at you.

Learning is one thing, but the real magic happens when you actually use those strategies in your games.

And hey, don’t take every strategy from every trainer as the golden rule. Poker’s a tricky beast with thousands of scenarios.

In a nutshell, poker training sites are a valuable tool for players wanting to up their game and hit specific poker goals. Just be sure to do your homework, choose a site that fits your goals and skill level, and dive into the content to get the most out of it.

Alternative poker training sites to improve your game

There are many other top poker training sites available with a very good reputation that you can consider. The most known are:

Are there any courses or training sites I haven’t mentioned?

If yes, then please let me know in the comments below.


How long should a course be?

The longer, the better. The more poker strategy knowledge you get for your money the better for your future winnings.

What are the 3 most essential aspects of a poker class?

Instructor authority, content quality, teaching methods

Must a poker Instructor be also a successful player?

I have often seen this question on Twitter and there are various opinions. I think that a poker coach doesn’t necessarily have to be a highly successful player in terms of winning major tournaments or making substantial profits in high-stakes games to be effective.

However, they should possess certain qualifications and qualities to be a valuable coach (Teaching Skills, Profound Understanding of Poker, etc.). The same logic applies to any other profession, for example, not every basketball coach must be a good player.

Are poker courses expensive?

Well, it’s a bit of a ‘depends on who’s asking’ situation :).

Jokes aside, after checking out various courses and training websites, it seems like subscribing to a poker school makes more financial sense than just buying a standalone course.

From what I’ve seen, the cost of a poker class can swing pretty widely.

It all depends on things like how good the course is, how experienced the teacher is, how much content it covers, and the format it comes in.

On average, you’re looking at anywhere from $99 to a few hundred bucks.

Some really detailed, specialized courses might even set you back over a grand.

So, it’s a good idea to do your homework, read reviews, and think about your own skill level and goals when picking a course to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Will subscribing to a poker training site improve my game?

Assuming that you choose the right poker training site, study the whole material and implement it into your game it will definitely improve your poker skills.

Is the free poker studying content as good as the paid one?

Like with almost everything in life, if you want good quality, you have to pay for it. Coaches put much more effort into creating paid courses. More often than not you can find their secrets only in the paid poker content, like in Phil Ivey’s Masterclass.

What are your Top Tips for completing a poker workshop?

  • Make notes.
  • Stay focused.
  • Don’t overdo it. Schedule max. a few hours a day for studying.
  • Don’t study when you are tired.
  • Implement the learned knowledge into your game.

If you are still unsure which poker training sites and courses are best for you use the below filters to find the best poker training material and become better at poker.

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