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Complete Continuation Bet Course – Review


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8.5/10 (Expert Score)
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  • most in-depth c-bet course online
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  • for intermediate to advanced players
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  • not for complete beginners
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Most online poker courses focus on a broad part of the game, i.e., cash games, MTTs, or mental games. Rarely you can find a course that targets small but critical elements of the game. And this is precisely what Narciso Baldo does in his Complete Continuation Bet Course.


About the author

Narciso Baldo, the founder of Texas Holdem Questions and MTT coach, is an ex-pro player with over $700k in online MTT winnings (including a final table in the Sunday Million).


What’s included in Continuation Bet Course?

The course includes nine modules. At the end of each section, you will find a quiz to test your knowledge:

1 In position against a loose opponent

2 In position against a tight opponent

3 In position against a strong regular

4 In position in multiway pots

5 Out of position against a loose opponent

6 Out of position against a tight opponent

7 Out of position against strong regular

8 Out of position in multiway pots

9 Between players in multiway pots

All the possible continuation scenarios you could imagine are covered.

What I find realy cool are the stats showing the c-bet success rate. Basically, telling you how likely it is that in a given scenario, against a specific player, your c-bet will work.

Why is continuation betting in poker so important?

Continuation betting is a crucial part of any poker strategy. 

Continuation bets are extremely important because your opponent misses the board most of the time, which allows you to take down pots.

You, as the aggressor, have the initiative and, by continuing betting, are telling your opponent: my hand is even better now than it was on the previous street.

Additionally, you will also put your opponent under pressure if he/she has a marginal hand. This is because your range includes both weak and strong hands.

Continuation bets allow you also to build a pot if you have a big hand or a monster draw.


Who is it for?

The Continuation Bet Course is for both tournament and cash players. I would recommend it, especially to intermediate and advanced players. 

If you are a complete beginner, you should probably start with other studying materials.



Many poker players make continuation bets because they believe this is the right way to play. However, they don’t understand the logic behind it.

If you want to get an edge against these kinds of players and understand why and when to continue betting, this course is for you!

We have negotiated a discount for our readers! You will get 10% off using the following code: ‘booksonpoker’.

Complete Continuation Bet Course – Review
Complete Continuation Bet Course – Review


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