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Gambling is a form of entertainment that can be both exciting and rewarding. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning at an online casino, ...

Ship IT Holla Ballas, see the most successful poker crew of all time, transformed themselves from Internet nerds with zero life skills into great poker ...

Readers will get exactly what they expect — a guide through many different strategies Hellmuth loves to use. However, his aggressive and sometimes ...

You won’t get far in the poker world if you do not play like Gus Hansen - aggressive and fearless. The Great Dane, as he is also referred to, has left the key ...

Delving into the lifestyle of a poker pro, Ace on the River is not so much of an “Advanced Poker Guide” as it’s being advertised. In fact, it’s more of a ...

Mastering Small Stakes, Pot Omaha: How To Crush Modern PLO Games is a well-organized and easy-to-understand guide to mastering Pot-Limit Omaha. You will learn ...

Pot-Limit Omaha Poker: The Big-Play Strategy written by Jeff Hwang is a learner's manual, if you will, on the game itself of Pot-Limit Omaha. It gives you ...

High-Low-Split Poker, Seven-Card Stud and Omaha Eight-Or-Better for Advanced Players, offers basic information on each game, which allows you to understand ...

The Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker Volume 3 (SOPTP III) is an insightful poker strategy book written by Jonathan Little, back in 2013. It is the ...

In 2016 Maria Konnikova, New York Times bestselling author didn’t even know how many cards there are in a deck. About one year later, she won a PCA National ...

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Sunglasses aren't just a fashion statement for poker players - they can give you a strategic advantage. Discover how to choose the perfect pair for your game.

Negotiated or received - discount and Promo Codes For Poker Courses and Training Sites

I have received Christmas poker gifts numerous times. To ensure you don't buy the wrong gift for your poker friend, see the pros and cons of each present from ...

Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) is the second most popular poker game after No-Limit Hold ’em. It’s a complex, demanding, and full-of-action game. The PLO games are much ...

If you have been planning to get poker training but the price was too high, now is the right time to do it and save some money. I have negotiated and put ...

Poker tournaments are amazing because of the rivalry, strategy, and adrenaline. There is no better place to check your poker skills against famous poker ...

Test your poker knowledge with our awesome quizzes. Will you get at least one answer right?

Poker tells are one of my favorite parts of this complex game. Finding them can give you enormous satisfaction and some extra winnings. Before we talk about ...

GTO in poker is playing the best possible way in terms of: mathematics, balancing your bluffs and value hands, ranges, combos/blockers, opponents tendencies, ...

There is a way to get it, and the best of all, it is legal! The only thing you have to do is...

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Cash Game - Top Poker Training Sites For Novice and Intermediate Players
Jonahan's little poker coaching platform covers a massive amount of poker content for all types of players. The profiles of the trainers are really impressive and include names like Matt Affleck, Alex Fitzgerald, Lexy Gavin, Tristan Wade, James Romero, Aram Zobian, Chad Holloway, Ed Miller, Elliot Roe
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phil ivey masterclass review

In his Masterclass Phil Ivey will guide you through some of his well-known hands and reveal secrets behind becoming one of the greatest poker players of all time. This general poker course is perfect for intermediate, advanced, and experienced beginners. 

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Daniel Negreanu poker masterclass second best course

Daniel Negreanu, in his poker course, doesn't go into deep detail on one specific aspect of the game but instead covers all the most critical elements of this game. If you are looking for general poker training you will find this course very informative and entertaining.

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the tournament masterclass expert level course by raise your edge - best course for pro and advanced mtt players

The Tournament Masterclass Expert Course is an MTT poker course for advanced players. Created by one of the best online sit & go and tournament players Benjamin 'Bencb' Rolle.

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the tournament masterclass expert level course best tournament course overall

The Tournament Masterclass Apprentice Course is a Multi-Table-Tournament poker course for intermediate and advanced players. Created by Benjamin 'Bencb' Rolle.

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Raise your edge coaches

Crush 6 Max Hyper SNGs by Raise Your Edge is unique and probably the best poker course on Hyper turbo sit-and-go games. Read the review and find out why.

Visit the site
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BlackRain79 Elite Poker University Complete best overall course

BlackRain79 Elite Poker University is one of the most comprehensive poker courses. In his 17+ hours of training, BlackRain79 covered strategies for Cash Games, Multi Table Tournaments, Zoom, SNG, and 6max.

Visit the site
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tournament poker edge review

The Poker Tournament Edge is a MTT training site with a large number of video content (mainly hand reviews), strategy articles, and podcasts.

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poker tracker 4 review
Poker Tracker 4 is a software that records and stores hand information about you and your opponents. Based on that information, it creates various game statistics that can help improve your game. The statistics allow you to adjust your game as you play. Read the review and find out why it's necessary to use proper tracking software in today's competitive online poker world!
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poker satellite strategy book review
There aren’t many poker theory books written about satellite tournaments if any. Except for this one, ‘Poker Satellite Strategy’ by Dara O’Kearney and Barry Carter.
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Caro’s Most Profitable Hold ’em Advice review
Many poker strategy books are fairly derivative, but that is not the case with Caro's Advice. It is packed with unique ideas and profitable strategies that can be employed immediately to make you money.
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  1. Thanks Ashley. I will update the list soon.

  2. Hi Barbara, I haven’t seen any books focusing only on ‘poker face’. However, there are a few books that talk about poker body language.

  3. Nice! I hope you will find it useful 🙂

  4. Hi Mason,

    seems like a copy-paste error since the ‘starting hands’ chapter is mentioned in the ‘Summary’.

    Thanks for checking, we will re-review and correct it ASAP.

  5. Thanks Mason 🙂 I will check both books.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion Thomas.

  7. Thanks very much Mason. I have updated the list accordingly 🙂

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